February 23, 2024

Orthopedic surgery is a branch of surgery which aims to treat conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgery is an umbrella term which includes various surgeries of different body parts which are a part of the musculoskeletal system. The orthopedicsurgery cost primarily depends on the type of surgery that is being performed. Here is a list of the three most frequently performed orthopedic surgeries and their estimated cost.


The knee is one of the most complex joints of our body. It joins the thigh bone, medically referred to as the femur, to the shin bone, medically referred to as the tibia. A total knee replacement is performed on a severely diseased and damaged knee joint. During the surgery the diseased knee is replaced with artificial medical components.

One with progressive arthritis, severe osteoporosis or trauma may have to opt for a total knee replacement surgery.

For the results of the surgery to show and stay, the patient needs to get physical therapy and also do the recommended exercises at home regularly.

The estimated cost of a total knee replacement surgery starts from USD 8,400 in India.


Hip replacement is a surgical procedure which replaces a damaged hip joint with a hip prosthetic. These prosthetics are generally made out of metal and/or plastic components.

The procedure aims to relieve extreme pain caused by an inflamed or diseased hip joint which makes walking and other motor functions involving the lower body much easier for the patient.

The patient is restricted from making twisting motions, squatting and bending forward from the waist or any heavy physical work for at least 6 months after the surgery. Physical therapy is also essential after the surgery for complete and fast recovery of the patient.

A hip replacement surgery can start at a price of USD 5,700 in India.


Shoulder replacement is also a surgical procedure which involves the removal of the damaged glenohumeral joint or simply the shoulder joint. It might be replace completely or just the damaged parts depending on the severity of the condition. The part which gets removed is replaced by a prosthetic implant.

It is meant to fix severe pain caused by joint damaged which hinder the patient’s movements as well.

Arthritis is one of the diseases which may lead to shoulder damage to such extents that of requires a replacement surgery to fix. After the surgery, the patient is allowed to use the hand and wrist almost immediately but the whole arm along with the shoulders are allowed to be used normally after about 6 weeks of the surgery. The patient definitely need physical therapy after the surgery.

The surgery can start at a price of USD 7,600 in India.

All in all the cost of orthopedic surgery in India depends on the procedure of the surgery that is best suitable for the patient as well as the hospital where the surgery is being performed. The rates of orthopedic surgeries are pretty reasonable when compared to other countries.