June 18, 2024
Pregnancy due date calculator

 Finding it hard to find when your baby is due? If you are facing difficulty in finding out the exact date and this problem is compounded when you count on your hands and fingers then there is no need to worry. Pregnancy due date calculator would come to your rescue and then exact birth date of your baby could be found out. To arrive at the exact due date you would need the exact date of your last period. Just be aware of the fact that this is going to work when it is a 28 day cycle. If it is not that case then the exact results cannot be achieved as well.

In order to arrive at your menstrual cycle, you would need to count from the date when your period starts and this extends to the date of your next period. Once again the point is brought forth is that for all women the standard cycle are 28 days? Another interesting point of consideration is that all this is a mere estimate and if you compare the figures only 4 % of babies are born on the exact due date. Pregnancy week by week pictures will throw more light on it. A concise idea about the exact date when your baby will be born is going to be provided; all of us stand on the common ground that the baby is going to arrive when they feel like.

What are the chances that the baby is going to be born on the due date?

Pregnancy due date calculator

Once again the point is brought forth that only 4 % of babies are born on the due date. The due date is arrived at the last date of your last period and then you go on to add 280 days or 40 weeks to it. You can pretty much expect the fact that the baby is going to arrive 2 weeks on either side of your due date. It is suggested that you keep this point in mind and then do prepare yourself.

The importance of a dating scan?

The dating scan also goes by the name of 12 hour scan. The doctor will be able to give you a rough idea about the exact due date of your baby. It is suggested that you are likely to have a dating scan between 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. At this point of time the sonographer will try to figure out how far the baby has developed and what is the length of the baby. This is from top to bottom and you are likely to have an estimated due date of the baby. This is also dependant on how far you are in the pregnancy stage. You could also find out whether you are expecting more than one baby and the baby is being found in the right place or not.

Every pregnancy is divided into 3 major trimesters and each of them goes on to have its own distinct identity.