April 17, 2024

The creative field is known to be quite wide; there are different forms of creativity and designing in this vast field. Logo designing is one of the forms of designing and it has gained popularity over the past few years, since the people have started understanding the use and importance of logos in a business. Having a good logo is quite important for the business and for its publicity, as more than the name people recognize a product or a brand by its unique logo.

So with the increase in the popularity of logos for business, there has also been a rise in the number of people who are interested in being logo designers. There are quite a number of design colleges that specialise in designing and teach different forms of it but everybody cannot afford going to an exclusive design college. So for students and aspiring designers like these there is skillshare.com.

Skillshare.com is an online community which has numerous classes of design, business and technology. People are free to join this community in order to learn new skills of creativity. But in order to learn about logo designing one needs to have the basic knowledge of logos.

Types of logos

In order to learn about logo designing on skillshare.com one should first know the types of logos like:

  • Wordmarks- In this, symbols are made from custom lettering so that they stand out it in the logo.
  • Lettermarks- These are similar to Wordmarks, in this two or more letters are combined to create a single symbol.
  • Combination marks- These combine typography and visual symbols to form a single logo.
  • Badge design logos- Badge design logos are graphic logos, these logos are a combination of two designs.

So, one is required to have a basic knowledge about logo designing and logos before joining a full time professional course. Skillshare has over 16,000 classes and thousands of students so it quite safe to join Skillshare to improve their skills. The teachers are quite engaging and professional with experience in their respective design areas. In fact it also has offline access which means one can learn whenever he/she wants. among the prominent ones, you can come along with the latest things that makes you mesmerized about the deals. learn more important things regarding the right ones. you can pick up the best ones among it.