July 24, 2024

Classroom presentations are basically visuals that teachers use to help them have the lesson easily thru visual stimulation and for students to appreciate what the teacher is talking about. The problem is that it hasn’t been a very effective tool most of the time because many students find it boring. With technology these days and how kids are more technologically inclined, you can’t blame them and most of the time software visual presentations are actually and tailored to business needs and not for teaching needs. But educators use it anyway because quite frankly they don’t have any other option.

If you want to be the teacher that needs more credibility (who wouldn’t?) in teaching technologically inclined kids, you need to step up your game and stop using tools that they see that their parents are using for their works. Have some more credibility and start killing your teaching game with wireless mirroring solution that is built by educators for educators. What is it? Its called Vivi and it will be your new teacher’s pet.

How does it work: Basically it’s a platform that you can use for your presentation, it’s also cloud-based like the ones that you are using right now. But what makes this unique is that you can mirror your presentation and navigate everything in a very simple app that was designed specifically for teaching. No one wants a boring teacher that stands still for hours. If you’ve been into a concert, its going to be a boring one if the band performing is not moving (jumping, headbanging, running around and so on, except for acoustic performances though). The point is your students feels that way to the same way you felt, that the band is boring because they lack the movement (and you are the one man show). Vivi will change all that, it enables teachers to be free from being stuck beside their presentations, leading to a more natural, fun and engaging class. If you haven’t felt cool for a very long time, then you need to get Vivi right away.

I’m still not sold: If that doesn’t convince you then this will, teachers whether they are a good or a bad one, influences their students in ways that they can never imagine. Students will remember you based on the things that you do and guess what? Whenever they have a class reunion they always talk about their teachers, the one that has a bad habit, the one that they are afraid of, the one that has a funny tooth and so on. Here’s the worst part, boring teachers are not going to be remembered ever, if you want to be remembered not because you have the thickest glasses in the world or has the biggest rabbit teeth that can actually make the Guinness book of world records but rather the cool teacher that taught them things that they actually learned. Heck, you might even be invited whenever they have a reunion because of your that cool then use Vivi.

Teaching is challenging, not just because a lesson plan is challenging, but also because your listeners aren’t always listening nowadays. They are technologically inclined and if they think that your teaching style is the old school they will find it boring. Introducing Vivi, a cloud mirroring platform that was made by educators for educators. Start your research here with Vivi and start being “the cool” teacher that you always dreamed of. With Vivi Creating Interactive Learning Spaces Is easy. Contact them today and start your demo.