May 30, 2024

Craving for a 3Dprinter is not enough always., you have to think about the printer filament as well. This is also not ending up the curiosity as the type of raw material used in the printer filament is also a major concern and for that a detailed assay is important. There are many raw materials used in the printer filament by different companies all you have to find is the best one which is compatible with your 3D printer and gives you satisfactory results.


Long before it was in the time of the 3D printers and the printer filament also went hand in hand with it .similarly this day the sequence is maintained. There are many companies which do give a details about the raw materials used to make the  printer filaments and on the basis of the material used there are at least 15 printer filament types available starting from ABS, PLA, PVA, PET ,PETT, HIPS ,Nylon, Wood, Sandstone ,Magnetic Iron PLA, Metal ,Conductive PLA, Carbon Fiber, Flexible/TBE and lastly Glow in the dark . Of these 3d printer filament types are in detailed mention.

  1. PLA Filament:-  PLA is a well-known chemical considered to be biodegradable thermoplastic. It is ranked second in terms of the strength. However, it has got a drawback of getting clogged but the best part is it can be Apart from these, it smells pleasant while it is used and come in a variety of colors. Since they are safe for usage hence it is used in candy wrappers, food containers.
  2. ABS Filament:- This filament is composed of non-bio-degradable petroleum-derived It is one of the most popular 3D printer filament, used widely due to its strength, durability, and resistance to high temperature. Normally they are used in the manufacturing of the plastic toys, phone covers, kitchen appliances, handles if the spoon, knives.
  3. PVA Filament:- The polyvinyl alcohol is one of the great 3D printer filaments and the feature of it is biodegradable and nontoxic, hence can be used in food packaging. Though it is expensive to think of the fact that it is safe for the environment can make you think twice before you say no to the PVA Filament.
  4. HIPS Filament:- The filament is good to go is a biodegradable However, it is compared to the ABS Filament and its strength. The filament comes in many bright colors giving it an attractive appearance. The function of these filament is solely observed to be a second layer .the primary building of the object is done after which the second coating is given by HIPS Filament.
  5. Nylon filament:- when you talk about the thermoplastic the first word stand out is nylon. Its application lies in the curving of the tough areas rather the mechanical parts. It is average ranked in terms of durability. As it is thermoplastic hence it has the property of getting in shapes after many cycles of remelting.
  6. 3D Printer Wood Filament:- Wood is a change from the artificiality more like giving an essence of being natural. The look is highly intricate and shuttle and is used greatly in decors specifically the chairs, tables, and But everything has a drawback so as the wood they are far weaker than the others as it can be broken easily.

To conclude, there are at least 15 such 3d printer filaments which play a good way in the manufacturing industry. They deal with the rough and tough and ending with the décor. whatever you ask for you get yourself the best one for you. All you need to go through the raw materials used in the filament and buy accordingly.