February 25, 2024

For those who love to move to any other country in search of better life and job opportunities, the land of Canada has been a place of attraction as there are many sectors that are booming here and the best part is the education of this country as well as the living standard. It also has the advantage of the neighborhood of the countries like America which is known as a developed country. Hence there are ample reasons why one wants to move to Canada. It is better to know about the country before going into the details on how to move there.

The country:

Canada has achieved huge development in the recent past. It is one of the most economical countries when observed in the list of the developed countries. Canada has observed a huge growth in employment due to its wide opportunities in the service sector. However, about three quarters of the Canadians are given the first priority over the migrants of other countries because of their nationality. Canada also provides many educational options for the mass. It has launched several popular schools and non-profitable universities who offer great educational opportunities. These opportunities attract the mass and also become the reason for their migration from other countries. Canada has a vast stretch of industrial options which is a gateway of employment for many people worldwide. It has the largest petroleum reserves in the world and has also been ranked as a huge exporter of natural gas. Other industrial options are also available like oil, aircraft, logging, automobile. As far as the software and technological development is concerned, Canada is not lagging behind. It has been listed among the global leaders of the software industry. Hence one may get a job in his own industry here which is the biggest advantage of being in this developed country. Like many other countries, the Government of Canada also has formed some rules and regulations as far as the immigration to it is concerned.

To visit Canada for any of the purposes mentioned above or more, you need to be eligible for the visitor visa Canada category. Being a non-citizen of the country, you need to follow a certain procedure to come and stay in Canada for a temporary period.

How to get a visa?

At first, you need to apply for a Canada visa at your nearest passport office. After attending a few interview sessions, you can obtain the visa. However, there are two types of visa entries that are offered in Canada which are single entry and multiple entries. The single entry visa is provided before a period of six months from the travel date while the multiple entry visa can provide you the maximum time limit of ten years.


As visitors to Canada visa, along with the visitors’ visa, the individual also needs to provide photograph and fingerprints. These residents cannot enter the country without meeting these following steps mentioned above. The visa requires renewal after a certain period otherwise it will lapse.