May 30, 2024

The fast-paced lifestyle, convenient living conditions and almost 24/7 work hours means that one doesn’t have time to just let go of personal tensions. Meditation encourages a person to have heightened alertness and awareness through mental stability. It is about finding balance in your senses. Physically conducted by breathing or a stance, it is about the art of condensing your thoughts in a single moment.

Yoga vs Meditation

To clarify, yoga is the activity or practice that can sometimes involve meditation while meditation is about the focus on energy flow. In the East, the philosophical explanation for yoga is seen by those who live it. A yoga class in Singapore, India or Thailand tries to remind themselves of the fundamentals of yoga and how important it is to detach ourselves temporarily from the outside world.

Yoga is an exercise supplemented by poses and stances that improve movement and health. It aids weight loss, good posture, immunity and a fundamental amount of energy that one needs to carry on daily tasks. The basic yoga if one wants to be a master of it is Bhakti, Manta yoga and Kundalini and Raja yoga.

Yoga Meditation

The process of yoga meditation is getting to a place of subdued tranquility. What it is called often, a silent retreat, comes in the form of focusing on something tangent; an object and not an emotion. For beginners, filling your mind with an image of, let’s say, a burning candle, makes you focused on the image and will make you not analyze. Doing this for a long period of time and in a comfortable resting posture allows you to gradually separate your thoughts from your senses. You can check a yoga class in Singapore and other Eastern variants of the practice to find out.

Meditation Style that Suits You

Based on research, there are different meditations depending on the Zen that you would want to achieve.Vipassana allows you to see enlightenment focusing on your breathing patterns. There are times when one is stuck in their own thoughts and in negative thoughts and in those cases, we just want to get out. If this is what you are looking for then this type of yoga is for you.

Kundalini is considered a ‘basic’ type of yoga where Tantric yoga and the Hindu spiritual combine forces to open your chakras again through using your breath. Taken from the base of the spine and ending on the crown on your head, it shifts your energy upwards and into a state of mind that you are inspired. To know more, there is a that can yoga class in Singapore help you find this.