April 18, 2024

Our liver, pancreas, stomach and intestines are rather sensitive as organs and if these get affected it can lead to long term problems which need to be addresses right at the very beginning for a complete and healthy recovery.

There are various reasons due to which these organs can get affected, starting right from as trivial as stress to something more serious like alcohol addiction. It is very difficult to tell why and how these organs get affected. But it is best not to ignore the various signs that the body sends out to us which might indicate serious gastro-intestinal issues. It is best to always consult a gastroenterologist when it comes to prolonged issues of the stomach. Here are some signs that you should be aware of, which indicate that you need to visit a gastroenterologist:

  1. Are you experiencing rectal bleeding? Well if you are then you should not wait and consult the best gastroenterologist in Mumbai without any further ado. It is very important to address such a serious issue because this can be the indicator of some serious internal disease which requires immediate attention. So, if you are experiencing rectal bleeding immediately visit a gastroenterologist.
  2. If you are experiencing dark coloured urine, then it is time that you visit a gastroenterologist. It is important to take note of this fact. It might be a sign that you are peeing blood along with your urine or that there is a problem with your kidney. It is not possible always for a doctor who is not a specialist to address these issues. They might refer you to a gastroenterologist. If they do, do not waste time and consult one.
  3. If you are losing weight really fast and do not feel hungry most of the times, then it is very important to get it looked at. This means that there is a problem with your digestive system and it can be due to various reasons. This can be an indication of pancreatic cancer or it might also be a severe case of pancreatitis. Note the difference between eating less and not feeling hungry at all. If you are eating less and that too consciously then it is but obvious that you will lose a little weight. However if you stop feeling hungry and you start losing weight drastically, then you need to visit a doctor as soon as possible.
  4. The other thing that you should look out for is pale coloured or yellow stools. These might indicate a lot of things – starting from jaundice to liver cancer. This is a very serious indication that you simply cannot ignore.
  5. And finally, apart from these if you experience too much bloating or gas, and that too frequently then you will need to take the opinion of a gastroenterologist. If you see that your bowel movements have changed than the way they were before then too it might be an indication of a serious problem.

The important and key thing when it comes to staying healthy is making sure that you notice these signs and address them properly. So take good care of yourself.