May 30, 2024

The main benefit of online bulk SMS service is cost savings. The area where cost assumes importance is marketing campaigns. Just like email services, the use of bulk SMS sender needs to be undertaken in a judicious manner to achieve instant results.

Promotion along with marketing

To start off you would need to incorporate a list and that has to be properly segmented. In doing so messages to your customer and target audience is crisp and relevant. Over a period of time it calls for constant adjustment of messages.

To achieve adjustment it takes a period of time. Marketers can interact with their customers during this time. These conversations can take long and be time consuming, but it ensures SMS reaches right clients rather than beating around the bush. In sending bulk SMS costs also tends to be less.

Reminders along with notification

While sending notification or reminders this policy is also applicable during urgency. For certain industries like health care it is crucial. You can send out reminders to the customers before a day so that they come for the appointment. In addition this system of penetration is better as it reaches to the mobile number of the sender. Research does point to the fact that 95 % of test messages are read and it is more efficient and effective than an email. In certain sectors penetration is really important.

Applications of mass SMS services are as follows

  • With the help of bulk SMS you are able to generate leads. This is done via the medium of mobile phones
  • In this system two way communications takes place, where short codes (specific) are send to current and prospect customers. For example beauty salon can offer discounts on haircuts by asking clients to send a message to a specific number. In this manner a business is able to build data for future promotional campaigns
  • A service provider could cash in on the benefit of special type of promotional campaigns and messages to relevant customer base aresending. It would be depend upon the demographics or any criteria that is important for that specific marketing campaign.
  • Bulk SMS is not only important for effective communication among external parties. At the same time flow of communication becomes organized among the internal staff. Not forgetting to mention the stake holders with which a business interacts on a day in and day out basis.
  • With Bulk SMS customers can avail information about specific products or services. Once again you can make use of short codes. For example if there happens to be a system where with the input of a code you can garner information about the nearest branch. It could be anything that your intended audience wants to hear.
  • The launch of new services or products has become relatively easier. An awareness campaign with a strong SMS program could ensure positive results in the days to come.

To conclude, bulk SMS is an effective marketing tool which most business houses incorporate to gather more clients.