July 24, 2024
diamond rings

The goodness of silver combined with the beauty of diamonds; when you combine the two into a ring, you get a piece of jewellery that is hard to resist. Mentioned in this post are top 5 reasons to opt for sterling silver and diamond rings.

Gold, silver and platinum – the trio precious metals. Of all these, silver has excellent features that can make you fall for it. Among all precious stones, diamonds always stand apart. And when you combine the two, you get a sparkling piece of jewellery that is beautiful and comes with many benefits.

Especially when you combine the two in a ring, the benefits are innumerable. Let us take a quick look at the top reasons for growing popularity for diamond rings with sterling silver.

#1. Unmatchable Royal and Elegant Look: Diamond is a beautiful and majestic precious stone which, when combined with the elegance of sterling silver produces a royal yet elegant piece of jewellery. Especially when crafted into a ring, the subtlety of sterling silver with the grandeur of diamond stone creates a perfect combination. Be it for a big occasion or regular usage; it can never be too much or too little.

#2. Endless Designs: Silver is one of the softer metals used in making jewellery. It’s this malleability and softness that lets the jewellers craft the most intricate designs with silver that may sometimes be not possible with other harder metals such as gold or platinum. Thus what you get is endless options of designs with silver. And when these intricate designs are combined with the huge variety of diamonds, you get unlimited options of ring designs.

diamond rings

#3. Great Value: Silver has incredible hypoallergenic features and is known for its antibacterial properties. Silver is proven for its wound healing, flu prevention, and other healing properties as well. While sterling silver comes with great benefits and is easy to maintain, diamonds, on the other hand, are the most valuable stones in the world. When you opt for a diamond ring with sterling silver, you get home a truly valuable piece of jewellery that will stay with you for your life and beyond.

#4. Safe Investment: Diamonds offer promising returns. The size, storability, and durability are advantageous compared to other heavy jewellery. Silver is less expensive and hence is a very affordable choice of investment. Unlike expensive gold or platinum, silver enables you to focus your spend on the diamonds and get a bigger and shinier diamond. Lastly, while silver is less expensive as compared to other metals, its value has been rising consistently, making it a safe investment option.

#5. Long Lasting: Pure silver is too soft to be used for jewellery. That is why sterling silver is used for making jewellery. Sterling silver is a combination of 92.5% silver along with 7.5% alloy which is usually copper, nickel or zinc. This combination makes the metal more durable. While diamond is a symbol of commitment, faithfulness and love, when put on a sterling silver ring, it gives you a durable piece of jewellery that you can pass on to your next generations too.

Diamond and silver Rings convey a lot of meanings. It can be a style statement, a symbol of love, a mark of elegance or an image of simplicity. No matter how you pair them up with your attire, these rings will gleam and sparkle. Don’t give it any second thoughts. Go ahead and get yourself one of these rings to shine for you.