June 25, 2024

     Ever since Houston Hyundai released the very first Hyundai Sta Fe last 2000, it has been one of the main contenders in the compact SUV segment. It was named after the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico and was introduced as Hyundai’s first SUV. The vehicle is greeted with a warm welcome and soon the company had trouble fulfilling the demand for it as it was really that popular. The SUV is now on its fourth generation and has undergone some massive changes in terms of technology and design. Below are some of the reasons why this crossover vehicle is a must-have for family use and long rides.

Lots Of Room

The crossover is spacious and very easy to get in and out of even the third-row seats. Speaking of the third-row seating, they may be especially suited for kids. The second row has fantastic head and leg room and can be comfortable even on longer rides. The driver and front passenger seat have plenty of elbow, head and leg room. They come in the base model and the Houston Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. There are subtle differences between the two models but a casual observer would not be able to tell any difference.


This crossover has been awarded some of the highest safety ratings for its class by numerous institutions. It comes loaded with safety features such as child-seat anchor points and tethers, the whole range of airbags (front, front passenger and side airbags for every row are standard) Added tech can help you monitor rear cross traffic and blind spot detection. They also feature automatic braking, radar, and adaptive cruise control on higher-end models.

Powerful Drivetrain and Excellent Handling

The engine for the base model is already a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with 185 HP. Some also come with a V6 which adds and provide 290HP under the hood – perfect for lots of cargo and hauling capacity. This also translates to the car handling very well, steering is accurate and corners well. It controls body roll well and this vehicle is known for its ride quality and can be considered one of the best in its class. The vehicle also has an option for a full AWD version expanding the versatility and use of this already all-rounder crossover

Roomier and More Cargo Space

It is the small details that matter and the Hyundai Santa Fe is chock full of those nooks and crannies for smaller items that matter. Small item storage areas are aplenty. Furthermore, the lift hatch travel time is short and gives you the convenience to load up whatever cargo or grocery you would be hauling. Seats can be configured for extra space or for larger items like furniture and appliances.

The Overall Design is Pleasing To The Eye

A major selling point of the car is its amazing exterior shape and design. It is a well thought of concept and hits all the right buttons in terms of aesthetics. It is sleek and elegant while at the same time conveys a feeling of ruggedness and toughness. This vehicle clearly stands out in the road and looks fast even when parked.