June 16, 2024

In anticipation of the destination, we often forget to enjoy the journey. But there’s a way you can pull it from the backseat to the front again, by filling up your gas tank and setting out on a road trip.

Following are some reasons why a road trip can turn out to be the best part about your trip:

Anything Else is Boring

Now flying is faster and travelling by train is cheaper. But there’s something about taking a road trip that makes it worth it to spend more time and money in reaching the place.

If you’re in a hurry to get to a place, flying is the best option. Even if we count the extra hours we spend at the airports it takes very little time to complete the journey. But if time is not a constraint road trip can be a lot more fun.

Driving to the destination gets us more involved in the journey which is often the most overlooked part about a trip. When you’re sitting in a plane and looking down at the world below you miss out on so much of natural beauty. Similarly when we travel by train, landscapes pass by us in a blur.

You Discover New Places

The farther away you travel from cities the greater beauty you’re likely to discover. If you skip the highways and take small roads instead, you may pass through little towns that have much history to them than you may expect. These places are generally less populated and give us a better glimpse of the lifestyle that the locals lead.

Eat Different Food

I guess each of us will agree that the food which is served on planes can be quite difficult to swallow. When you travel by road you can find many small eateries and restaurants that serve great food. Your plate is likely to see a greater variety of food on it.

Enjoy Nature

Road trips often take us through some of the most scenic terrains which are easily missed when we are on a plane or in a train. Those of us who live in urban areas rarely get the opportunity to leave the city limits and surround ourselves with greenery. Road trips give us a chance to see with our own eyes how truly captivating the Earth is.

Makes us Spontaneous

Most other types of travel follow strict schedules and it is exactly why they can be so suffocating. The last thing you want when you’re on a trip is to continue keeping track of what time and date it is.

When you travel by road, you’re in complete control of the schedule. It is up to you when you wish to leave, in how many hours you want to complete the journey and by what time you wish to reach the destination. In this way road trips make us more spontaneous in nature and also make us independent.

Digitally Disconnected

One of the best parts about road trip is that you cannot be connected all the time. Either the network will fluctuate or the batteries will run out. You can only know how amazing the earth is when you learn to keep your fancy gadgets aside and take a look at the life around you.

Connect with People

When you know that you have to spend the next ten or twelve hours travelling together you are bound to talk more, laugh more and in the process you will get to know each other better. The small talk will get over in the first few metres and you will have the whole trip ahead of you to discover each other.

The experience that you are having on the trip is also something that the others are having and this common link will open up many conversations in the future. Whether you’re travelling with friends or family you may not get such a good opportunity to connect with them again.

Imagine how much fun you can have if your best friend is about to get married and you’re heading to a faraway city with your closest friends packed in the car. With a road trip you will discover more about hen dos or stag dos than you would if you just got wasted at a local bar.

Listen to More Music

You cannot stick to the same old playlist when you set out on a road trip. Chances are that you will end up playing every song on your iPod and in the process listen to songs that you may have never played before.

If the above reasons were enough to convince you, you will definitely look forward to taking a road trip and enjoying the journey as much as you would enjoy the destination.