November 29, 2023
Body care products for men

Unlike before, that seeing man in spas, beauty salons, and buying body care and beauty products is really a big deal, they are now a common sight for everyone. Because of this, body care for men has now become one of the most essential everyday activities and is now getting more recognition and attention more than ever. Thus, leading to a high demand for body care products for men.

Body care covers a lot of things. It does not only include skin, but as well as the face, hair, eyes, appearance, and even hygiene.

While body care is a common interest for women, it is as equally important for men. And we all know, men have different built and skin as of women. Unlike women, who tend to have a thinner and softer skin, men’s skin has more collagen and elastin making them thicker and firmer. Thus, the signs of aging tend to develop much later as compared to women. Therefore, a man needs different body care from that of a woman.

Products for Men

Knowing your brand is important when choosing body care products for men. Always remember to choose a brand that will provide you with all the products that you will need for body care, like Clarins.

Clarins has developed a wide range of body care products designed specifically for men, with the ClarinsMen collection. Whatever your skin type or body concerns, there’s a formula suited to every man. Looking for a fast-acting product to purify skin? Discover Shower Scrub. Does your skin feel tight and uncomfortable? Opt for Body Moisture Spray. Need a helping hand sculpting those abs? Try Ab Firming gel. Want to stay fresh throughout the day? Clarins has designed a unique deodorant that won’t leave behind any white marks on your clothes.”

Body care products for men

Men can choose from many different body care products from Clarins. Here is a glimpse of them:

Cleansers and Toners

  • ClarinsMen Active Face Wash
  • ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser
  • ClarinsMen Fresh Moisture Toner


  • ClarinsMen After Shave Energizer


  • ClarinsMen UV Plus Anti-Pollution
  • ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel
  • ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm
  • ClarinsMenRevitalising Gel

Age Control

  • ClarinsMen Line-Control Eye Balm
  • ClarinsMenRevitalising Gel
  • ClarinsMen Anti-fatigue Eye Serum

Body Care

  • ClarinsMen Shampoo & Shower

Eye Care

  • ClarinsMen Line-Control Eye Balm
  • ClarinsMen Anti-fatigue Eye Serum

Tips and Guides

When choosing the right body care products for men, there are many things you should take into consideration, such as:

  • Skin Type

Generally, there are three skin types, which are: dry, oily, and combination. And men are not excluded from it. Though some may have normal or sensitive skin. For more better results, it’s important to choose body care products that are suited for your skin type.

  • Having a Cleansing Routine

When you are using a body care product, it’s just necessary to follow a daily cleansing routine – to maintain the glow of your skin. It’s important to exfoliate and then moisturize your skin.SPF is also important of your body care regimen.