April 17, 2024

Consuming beer, wine or any other alcoholic beverage makes people drowsy. Several people consume it as it helps them to sleep. As a matter of fact, more than 20% of people use alcohol to aid them in falling asleep as it acts as a depressant. Though it can help you fall asleep it affects the quality of sleep. Read below to learn more about it.

Disrupts sleep pattern:

The perception among people that alcohol aids in sleeping has the opposite effect as it results in poor sleep health. Consuming spirits like wine, beer, etc will impact the quality of sleep. During the REM stage of the sleep, the brain is active and forms sleep patterns called the delta activity which is essential for the formation and storing of memory. When alcohol is consumed instead of delta activity the alpha activity starts which disrupts sleep and also impacts the restoration phase. Moreover, when the restorative phase is impacted, the REM is blocked which leaves the person groggy and disoriented. Alpha waves are formed when the person is awake but resting, when both the alpha and the delta waves clash it can lead to drowsiness in the day, irritability, headaches, etc.

Causes breathing issues: Irrespective of sleeping on the best mattress to buy, people who consume alcohol have a poor quality of sleep. It is also linked to many mood and sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnea. If you are already suffering from these symptoms it increases it as consuming spirits relaxes the body so much that the throat muscles relax more than required and worsens the snoring or sleep apnea. So people who have these conditions should avoid drinking before bed as it can become problematic.

More urination during the night: Alcohol reduces the production of ADH also called the antidiuretic hormone which decreases the reabsorption of water. When the kidneys do not absorb the water, it starts producing more water in the form of urination. It also decreases the production of a hormone called vasopressin which tells the body when to flush and when to absorb the fluid. When the body’s natural signal is not working the bladder doesn’t work as expected and you will have to wake up needing to use the bathroom when you consume alcohol.

Affects the sleep-wake cycle: Consuming spirits before going to bed impacts the circadian rhythm. This is the internal body clock which regulates the sleep-wake cycle and also enables you to wake up in the morning and sleep in the night. When you consume alcohol, adenosine is produced which triggers sleep, but this chemical is not produced in enough quantity and it subsides causing you to wake up.

Depression: There is a cyclic relationship between depression, sleep, and alcohol. People who are depressed have an irregular sleep pattern as the circadian rhythm is already upset. If a person who is depressed consumes even a small amount of alcohol it further deregulates the internal clock and pushes it out of sync leading to more sleep issues.

Here are some ways to sleep better without consuming any drinks before bedtime:

  • Include exercise in your routine as it not only releases happy hormones but also helps to sleep better.
  • Check if your mattress is old, saggy and uncomfortable, if yes then buy the best mattress brand in India for good sleep from a leading retailer WakeFit.
  • Avoid caffeine or any other alcoholic drinks in the later part of the day as it can result in wakefulness.
  • Try a warm bath, herbal tea or warm milk to induce sleep.

Sleep is essential for your physical and mental health as alcohol impairs it and is best to avoid it before bed.