June 22, 2024

Many studies have shown how marijuana consumption increases and appetite. In other words, the increase in appetite, which we consider to be good, is, in fact, a self-defense module. I find it extremely interesting how at an unconscious level we approach an attitude that does us good, but we are aware of it in another aspect, in the form of a pleasure unrelated to what is happening within us. After enjoying a lavish meal, the “state” disappears considerably. The amount of calories accelerates metabolism, and so you have less THC in the blood. After a meal, there is a tendency for sleepiness or relaxation.

This is why to get rid of all drug traces in your system, you can focus on Detox drink that will help you pass the drug test, as well as stay focused on work. After consuming, you will feel the need to cleanse your body of drugs. After excesses caused by them, is a good time for a detox cleansing. Your body will be released of such toxins and will fill up with new forces that will help you lose weight, gain energy and be healthy. You can visit drugtestingreviews.com/best-detox-drinks-for-a-thc-drug-test to get more information on some detox drinks and how they work.

However, do not you know which drinks help you get rid of THC faster? Do not panic. I’ve made a list for you to help. Make these juices to feel drug-free and fresh.

Pineapple fresh juice

Enzymes found in pineapple come with many benefits. They are the ones that break down proteins that remove THC from the intestines and come with a boost of stimulating vitamins C and B 1.

Tea with peppermint

 A famous tea for its soothing effects, that also helps relieve drugs. In addition to strengthening the nerves, it is the one that calms indigestion, nausea, or gas. Moreover, it restores the balance of the colon and favors healing. A cup of daily tea will do wonders for your body.

Cabbage juice

 Sure is not a very appealing drink but is an excellent source of vitamin C and anti-inflammatory amino acids. A glass of this juice will help get rid of the drugs in your system.

Apple juice

 This is an extremely effective but also delicious way to revitalize yourself. It is a juice rich in antioxidants and nutrients that can clean up the THC in your liver and kidneys.

Lemon water

 It is the most accessible and most affordable detox drink. Lemons can cleanse the bloodstream and can neutralize the system and detoxify the body.

Ginger tea

Like the mint, it is the one that calms and calms the body and the spirit. It also facilitates detox by sweating and soothes the stomach irritation. In the evening, it will help you calm down and make you healthier.

Papaya juice

It is similar to pineapple and facilitates digestion of THC. It also has an intake of essential vitamins and removes toxins from the body.

Detoxification with cold-pressed juices

Cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices are one of the ways to detoxify your body and give it more nutrients.Cold pressing is the process by which most of the nutrients are extracted in fresh juice using the applied direct pressure. This technique ensures that the air is squeezed as little as possible in the juice, which means a much slower oxidation process.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an excellent way to give our body a nutritional boost to start over after drug use. We also offer the digestive system a necessary break. Such detoxification cures with natural juices contribute to colon cleansing.

Ove day detoxification cure

The fast day detoxification cure is a great solution if you have a drug test in one day. It is addressed to any person who once a week wants to refresh the body or people who have weekly drug tests. (and detoxify their body at the same time). This fast-paced detox diet contains only cold-pressed juices, smoothies and soups, unlike classic detoxification that contains a salad with a vegetable protein supplement at lunch.

Fast 3-day detox cure

The 3-day quick detoxifying remedy is an excellent solution to make a whole THC cleanse. It addresses any person who once a week wants to give the body a refresh. It is ideally suited to be followed over a weekend but can be tracked well in one week. This fast-paced detox diet contains only cold-pressed juices, smoothies and soups, unlike classic detoxification that includes a salad with a vegetable protein supplement at lunch.

Home detox drink recipes

How do you choose to make a detoxifying cure, whether you want to make sure you pass the drug test or want to start the day with a healthyof vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables, we thought we’d offer you some ideas for detox juices which you can do at home.

You have probably already heard that more and more people are following detoxification cures with juices from vegetables and fruits. Moreover, that’s because these cures offer many benefits to the body: it improves digestion, cleanses the drugs out of your body, detoxifies the liver, lowers appetite, reduces cellulite, and even helps in weight loss.

Find below more recipes for THC detox at home (read more on home detox here):

Juice for cleaning the digestive system of THC: half a cucumber, two apples, a celery stem, a spinach hand, a few parsley yarns and a few ice cubes.

Juice to strengthen the immune system: 2 apples, one-quarter pineapple, one-quarter avocado, one celery stalk, one spinach hand, one thick cucumber slice, one slice of lime, ice cubes.

Juice for a healthy bone system: 1 apple, one-half banana, one-quarter pineapple, half teaspoon spirulina, 200 g regular yogurt or soy for vegetarians.

Juice for removing the drugs from your bloodstream: 2 carrots, two apples, a little ginger, a slice of lemon, ice cubes.

Hair normalizing juice: half a pineapple, two apples, some lemon leaves, alfalfa, parsley, broccoli, kale cabbage, one tablespoon of wheatgrass powder, ice.