July 13, 2024

There was a time when EVRYONE used to wear a watch. Irrespective of the age and the social stature, watch was the one element that used to be present in every man or woman’s wardrobe and wrist.

But, then came the smartphones and time changed (no pun intended). Soon, the attraction of a watch was over passed by the multi-functionality of a smart phone that allowed the owners to do a lot more than simply look at the time, which was by default pasted on the opening screen.

An after effect of which was that watches went on to becoming a mere piece of accessory, which was once a factor of necessity.

But those of you reading this piece who have lived in the pre-smartphone era where time was restricted to a Casio watch or wall clock, the ones who grew up wearing Casio G Shock boy watches, do you really believe that a watch is a mere accessory now and a smartphone screen with a pasted clock has taken its place?

Let me assume your answer and take this forward. No. No you cannot simply treat watches as accessories. There is a lot more to them than being a decorative item piece on someone’s wrist.

In this article, we will be shedding light on the reasons why watches have not let go of their charm and what makes them a must-have element in every human’s life.

Well, without further delay, let us get to it then.

Reasons Why You Need to Treat Watches as More Than an Accessory in Your Life


  1. Watches Effortlessly Makes You Look Put Together

Whether you are wearing a business suit or a pair of loose tees with ripped jeans and crocs on your feet, the moment you wear a watch on your wrist, the look automatically becomes complete.

Don’t believe us? Well. Take out a magazine or open a new tab in your laptop and type in people wearing watches as one search query and people not wearing watches as the second search query. What will happen is that irrespective of how good looking people come up in the second search query, the first ones would always look more put together and stylish.

  1. A Sign of Stature

It is uncanny how when you close your eyes and imagine someone wearing a watch, the image that comes to your head is of someone who looks of age, is mature, and seemingly confident & intelligent. While half of the reason behind this sub-conscious image that we have created in our mind of people wearing digital watches for men is the doing of James Bond, the other half is simply drawn because of the fact that all the powerful, inspirational people we have seen growing up have had a watch tied up to their wrist at all times.


  1. Helps You Keep Your Nose Outside the Smartphone

The biggest complaints that people have from other humans is the fact that their nose is always stuck up inside a smartphone. This smartphone addiction that our generation is facing while innocently starts with the excuse to check the time, grows up to us moving from one screen to another an dthen from one app to another application.

Now, if you remove the source of it all – the need to watch time in smartphone, imagine how much easier and complaint free your life would become.


  1. Can Prove To be a Great Legacy

 Watches have a way of becoming heirlooms. They have a way of getting passed on from one generation to generation as memories and emotional attachments. So, when you buy a watch for yourself, in many ways you are buying a watch for your many generations to come – thus becoming that family member who cared to leave something of real value behind.


  1. The Single Function Helps Keep You Prioritized

 Prioritizing is one of the biggest challenges of our generation. One peek into the smart phone and all priorities gets flown out of the window. And, again it starts with something as innocent as unlocking the device to look at the current time. A situation that can be easily dodged with the priorities being in their place if you had a watch tied up to do just one thing – show the time, irrespective of whether its analog watches or smart watches.

So, here were your five reasons that justify how watches are in no way an accessory and are a lot more than that. Are you convinced yet?

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