July 24, 2024
Tips In Choosing The Perfect Wallpaper For Your Home

Painting your walls every now and then to give it a different look is not always a good idea. It is not only time consuming, but it can also be very expensive! This is why placing a wallpaper instead is one of the best options. However, if this is new to you, finding the right wallpaper can be a problem. If you are experiencing this dilemma in the midst of your room or house renovation, then you have come to the right place! Let us go ahead and talk about tips to help you choose the perfect wallpaper.

Matching Wallpaper To Room Style 

This is the first thing that you have to consider when choosing a wallpaper for a room. It is important that you learn about this because if it mismatched, then it’s a fail. So when choosing a wallpaper, here are some tips that can help:

  • Romantic. If it is for a room that is meant to have a romantic ambiance, then choose delicate damasks or floral designs. Make sure it has fine lines and the color is not too bright. It should be muted and in pastel colors.
  • Casual. For a more casual feel, you can choose faux finishes like beadboard or stucco. These are simple but has a bit of attitude to it. You can pair it with a beadboard wallpaper that has organic and/or flowing floral designs to make it have a more relaxed feel.
  • Fashion or Contemporary. For a contemporary designer wallpaper, choose bold geometrics and wallpaper with high gloss or metallic accents. You can also choose a design with bold florals to give it a high-fashion statement. 
  • For a much traditional feel, you can choose intricate damasks or stripes. This can give the room a traditional aura and would go perfectly well with traditional furnishings and decor.

contemporary designer wallpaper

Tips When Placing Wallpaper 

Now that you know how to pick the wallpaper design depending on the style that you want to achieve, the next thing you do is to know how to use these wallpaper in a room. Remember that not all styles work the same way. You have to know how to place them accordingly to not make it look awkward or out of place. Here are some tips for you:

  • Four Walls. If you want to decorate all four walls, you can opt for a classic stripe on a horizontal design. This can give it a fresh and contemporary look. If you use large scale yet simple designs, it will not overwhelm the look but instead, it will give you a more trendy feel.
  • One Wall Feature. If you just want to decorate one wall, you can choose a more dramatic and bolder pattern to make the area stand out. It can be behind a sofa or bed. Designs that have a metallic, gloss, or mica patterns will be the best option.

Giving the room a makeover once in a while should not be done lightly. But the good thing about wallpaper is that it can give you more styling options, unlike paint. Make sure that you match the wallpaper design and style to the room itself. Check out the tips mentioned above to avoid committing simple mistakes in decorating with wallpaper.