April 20, 2024
The No-frills Guide to Choosing the Right Shapewear

Shapewears today has become one of the wardrobe must-haves. It is special because it can be used as a part of party wear, office wear or even just casual wear. Fortunately, there many options in the market but with these, more and more women get really confused.

Before learning how to choose the right shapewear, it is important that you understand its functions. Shapermint can:

  • Give you a slimmer appearance: the most obvious use for shapewear is a slimmer appearance. Keep in mind that it is designed to help eliminate any unwanted bulges or lumps and sucking it all in.
  • Give your body support: the shapewear can provide support especially to the back and bust area.
  • Reduce cellulite appearance: the shapewear can reduce cellulite appearance. With this, the shapewear can help create a more toned looking skin.

Now you are ready to find the right shapewear. Here’s the no-frills guide:


Decide what you are going for

The first thing you need to consider is the level of comfort or the compression of the shapewear. Since this will determine the outcome, it is important that it suits your goals. It can be:

  • Light Control: if you want to wear clothes more comfortably but you want to smooth out some bulges, light control should be considered.
  • Firm Control: if you are looking to accentuate your curves, firm control is the thing for you. It is made of stretchy fabrics that add subtle contours to your body shape.
  • Ultra-firm Control: if you are going for a breathtaking look, you should opt for ultra-firm shapewear.

Think about what area you want to boost

Put in mind that shapewear is like real estate – it is all about location. With this, you have to decide what spots of your body you want to transform. It can be:

  • Full body: if you want a slimmer physique, you should consider a full bodysuit – just ensure that it has a convenient opening for bathroom breaks.
  • Torso: if you are more conscious about that extra fluff on your back, waist or belly, you
  • Bottom: if you have a flat bum, you could use a boost. There are many smoothing shorts that can help you feel better.

Always stick to your size

If you choose a smaller size just because you think you will get a more sculpted look, you are definitely wrong. If you force it, you will end up getting the opposite – awkward bulges. With this in mind, it is ideal to choose shapewear with compression made in your size.

Pick a style that enhances your body shape

There are different types of body. With shapewear, the trick is picking the styles that enhance your body shape. For an apple-shaped body, shaping camisole is ideal. For the pear-shaped body, a thigh shaper is best. For the hourglass-shaped body, a bodysuit is perfect. For the ruler-shaped body, a high-rise enhancing briefs will do wonders.

Final words

If you give shapewear a chance it will totally transform your overall look and boost your confidence. In the end, you can make an informed decision based on the information you collected.