February 25, 2024

Generally, music is the factor that gives peace of mind and makes people enjoy the activity. This may be as an audience or when taking part in it. An orchestra is actually a word from Greek that means that semi-circular space that is set in front of the stage in places like a theater where people sing and dance. There are different varieties of the orchestra in different sizes.

Large orchestra

The large orchestra generally consists of a hundred members, and they are used for huge events. Most times, they are called a symphony orchestra because the symphonies they play will need a larger number of musicians and they play a wide number of other music.

Smaller orchestra

There are different types and sizes in the smaller orchestra:

  • Chamber orchestra: These generally consist of 20 musicians in the large room of the mansion, and they play music with a particular style.
  • Small orchestra: This type is a bit larger than chamber orchestra, and they play some modern works in music.
  • Theater orchestra: This type of orchestra generally consists of 60 players
  • String orchestra: This is the type of orchestra that consists of 20 string instruments, and the music will be played in both modern and classical.
  • Jazz and concert orchestra: This is the orchestra that is specialized in light music.

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Instruments in the symphony orchestra

There are four important types of instruments used in the orchestra like,

  • Woodwind Instruments: These instruments will generally have flutes, clarinets, oboes, and bassoons. The number of players will be from 2 to 4 in each musical instrument.
  • String instruments: This will cover up to two-thirds or three quarters in the entire orchestra. This will have 32 violins, 8 double plus one or two harps, 10 cellos and 12 violas.
  • Brass instruments: This is the division for horns, trumpets, tuba and optionally cornet. The number of instruments will vary based on the work, performance, and event. If it’s modern work, then you might see 4 trombones, 2 or 3 tubas, 8 horns, and 6 trumpets.
  • Percussion Instruments: This will have 4 to 5 players. The musical instruments are varied are shaken, struck or rubbed.


Place of the instruments

The instruments will be placed in the semicircular shape with the conductor on the raising stand in the middle front. The layout will vary based on the conductor used. The violins will be usually placed into the left of the conductor; the first violin will be near to the stage and the second violins net to the first one. The cells will be at the edge of the stage whereas flute will be placed at the front.

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