April 17, 2024

A few decades back no one would have even though that there will be the coming century will be dependent on the technologies to such a large extent. Nowadays almost all the services have changed their working module in compliance with the latest technology. The education sector has also revamped itself and the use of technology can be seen to a great extent. Several school and colleges are giving the feature of smart classes. They have equipped themselves with the various digital devices that will help them in making the students teach in a better way. The recent advancement can be seen in the form of text to voice software being extensively for narration in schools and colleges. Not only that this software is now used by the smart phone companies to a great extent.

Text to voice software and app

This software basically reads out in a human voice the written or printed sentences on the websites or on the files and documents on computer, laptops, mobiles or any other digital devices that support this software. Nowadays in schools, the pupils are taught by the teacher using CDs or DVDs having information regarding the respective subject. The CD or the DVD is played via the computer or a laptop and the rest of the work is done by the software, text to voice software reads out the sentences for the students. When the students purchase their books, the respective CD of that particular subject is given along with that book. The students have the luxury to listen to the information written in the books without even practically reading the books.

Other sectors where the text to speech is used

Apart from the education sector, there are many other sectors where it is used. It is extensively used in the latest phones or smart phones. The search engines in the smart phones are especially using this software to provide their users with the facility of listening to the information related to the thing they search for. It also has the capability of reading the documents stored on the mobile phone. Once you open the document, you can choose the option of text to voice.

Although this is one of the latest technologies yet not many smart phones are having this as one of their features. But one can download the mobile apps which are specially designed for this purpose.