June 22, 2024

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What Is A Maritime Lawyer?

A maritime lawyer is someone who focuses on resolving disputes, either regarding commercial sea practices or the military, sometimes both.

The Four Qualities That Will Help You Hire The Right Maritime Lawyer

  1. Requisite expertise


You need to hire a lawyer who has a significant amount of experience in the field of marine and sea life. Your situation could be concerning the Jones Act, offshoring drilling of some kind, or it could be about a boat accident, amongst other things. You need to a skilled professional who is well-versed in all angles of Maritime law.

  1. Empathy


You will get great customer service. A maritime lawyer is disciplined and advanced in his routine. He or she knows how to get the job done the right way, especially if it concerns a military situation at sea.

  1. Agreeable Consultation

Most lawyers do offer free consultations, and that includes Lundy Law. They can go over your case to determine if help is needed and available. Discussions like that should take place before you even get to the price. Every maritime lawyer is different. Some will charge more than others. You need to sit down with someone at Lundy Law and talk about their pricing.


  1. Prioritize well


You also need to find out if they are available to take your case. Some lawyers will say “no” because they do not have a choice. That is what happens when you take on too much. Make sure that does not happen with your case. Now, it is important to hire a maritime lawyer in cases like these, but make sure the person you speak with is going to represent you.

Some lawyers agree to handle your case, and then, they hand you over to someone else on their staff. You need someone who has the time, patience, and interest in helping you win your case.

The Three Components To A Great Maritime Lawyer

1) You need someone who has been doing this for a long time. You want to be taken seriously in court. Some cases go beyond trying to make a deal. Some of them will go to court. You need someone who can handle you and themselves in the courtroom without looking like a fool. Experience counts.

2) What kind of resources does your lawyer have? It is not going to look good if you go to court and your lawyer is not prepared as he or she should be. Make sure they come prepared to play ball.

3) A maritime lawyer’s past says a lot about the person. Make sure you hire someone whose past is not overcast by shade. Reviews from past clients will help to shine a light in the right direction to take.

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