June 25, 2024

While you are buying toys for your baby, you may wonder when she will be able to use push and pull toys.

But if your baby is still learning to walk, push and pull toys are ideal for him.

Push and pull toys are designed on the skills your toddler may already have built, like pushing herself up from the floor and then pulling herself in a standing position.

The next important step is walking and here push-and-pull toys step in.

Holding a push toy offers your baby something to support and also guide him while walking. It helps him learn to observe ahead to ensure he avoids any hurdles.

This will add to your baby’s confidence and support her in being more coordinated as she moves around.

At around 15 months of age, your toddler may be capable of pushing a solid toy with wheels, e.g. a trolley with blocks, which you can get on Tiny Tiny Shop Shop. However, you’ll have to take care to keep him on a level floor for this.

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At around the age of 18 months, your baby may find a new skill of helping you out in household chores and enjoy it for which she’ll need to push things, for example a toy broom along the floor.

When it comes to pull toys, however, using them is more complicated than using push toys. Your baby will have to hold her arm behind her and he’ll have to look back again and again to check on his toy.

At the same time, he’ll also have to ensure he doesn’t bump into anything. He may not be able to do all this right, so, your monitoring and lots of comfort and cuddles will be needed.

By 2 years of age, your little princess will have had ample practice of pushing and pulling in which durable push along toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop can be a lot of help.

She can pull and push her blocks trolley quite easily. Even she will be able to pull small toys, like pull-along dog, penguins, frog or crocodile on wheels, maintaining a steady path.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

push-and-pull toys

Encouraging Toddlers to Try out Pulling and Pushing

Remember that your baby loves to imitate you. Thus anything in the form of a toy that he has seen you using will be popularised.

A small-sized wheelbarrow or plastic shopping trolley is perfect, particularly as your baby can fill and empty it, another activity toddlers love a lot.

Once she gains her sense of balance and can get around easily on her feet, animal toys to pull along are great that she can take for walks.

Particularly if the toys make noise with colourful embellishments such as bells, and bob up and down as he drags them, your toddler will enjoy them a lot.

Such toys also help her in practising balancing, even when she is distracted.

Hopefully, you have got a satisfactory answer regarding when to give push and pull toys to your baby. So, are you ready to buy them?