July 24, 2024
kerb appeal

First impressions are everything when trying to sell your house, and what people see first is the outside. This can impact purchasing decisions and how positively buyers approach viewing the inside.

Getting it right from the outset makes all the difference in whether you sell quickly. Home buyers are excited to discover their dream home, and there is a lot to consider. Information such as location, the layout and choosing a good company to undertake a home buyers survey Cambridgeshire, for example, all play a role.

homes kerb appeal

Here are 5 easy ideas to get you started

Spring clean

Sprucing up the inside is obvious, but the outside is often forgotten. Small details can make all the difference, so look around with fresh eyes and eliminate weeds, paint the gate, hide the bins and clean the windows.

Some greenery

We’ve all heard that greenery improves our mood and science proves it, according to Time. Sparse front yards can be remedied with a potted plant or two. Bay trees can add a touch of class when placed beside your front step. Hanging baskets can show you’ve taken care of your property. These are all easy ideas to help make your home more sale-able. https://time.com/4881665/green-spaces-nature-happiness/.

Front door

Whether it’s painted brightly or has beautiful panels of stained glass, a front door can really influence the buying potential of your viewers. A wooden door can be painted in red or heritage green, which are both popular colours. A plastic door can be cleaned to make it look fresh and new.

Light it up

External lighting can offer a warm welcome on dull days or if the evening is drawing in when a potential buyer comes to view your property.

kerb appeal

House number

Having a house number really personalises the property and will help potential buyers find you easily. It’s another stepping stone to creating a good impression!

Of course, there is much more to selling a house than sprucing up the outside. The process buyers and sellers go through can be quite stressful. You might want to brush up your knowledge on all aspects of buying and looking at things such as a home buyers survey Cambridgeshire like those at https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/Homebuyers-Survey/Home-Buyers-Survey-Cambridgeshire.

Using these five tips and other expert knowledge should put you at the forefront when selling your property in today’s competitive market.