April 18, 2024
Game of Bowls

Thousands of people enjoy playing bowls each week. It’s a great way to meet people, keep fit and enjoy a competitive sport. However, it’s important not to overstrain the body especially your bowling wrists, back, legs and arms

Bowling gives many parts of the body a good workout through moderate exercise, so it’s suitable for all ages and abilities. It also provides mental exercise as you develop skills and learn tactics to keep the brain active.

Game of BowlsEveryone Can Be Bowled over by the Sport

An NHS article says bowls is a sport for everyone, whether you’re just starting out as a nine-year-old or looking to keep active at 99. It can be played indoors or outdoors, so is suitable for all weathers, and about one million people in Britain play bowls so you’ll be in good company.

You’ll be walking quite a bit, bending down to bowl and pick up your bowls, and using arm muscles to actually bowl the ball, so many parts of the body will be exercised.

Although it’s not strenuous exercise, injuries can still occur from muscle strains to sprains or fractures.

To help prevent injuries, you should do warm-up and stretching exercises before playing and then cool-down exercises afterwards to prevent muscles from stiffening.

Technique Is Important When Playing Bowls

The Better Health Channel also advises you to use the correct technique because poor balance, poor delivery or the incorrect grip of the bowl can cause injury. It also advises you to do balance training and exercises to strengthen legs, back and neck. There are also arm and wrist exercises you can do.

You can wear special bowling gloves to improve your grip and use wrist supports which can hold in the warmth to keep your muscles loose while supporting the wrist. Those interested in bowling equipment usually opt to buy from firms with an established web presence.

If you are playing outdoors in the sun, make sure you have adequate sunscreen and are wearing a hat which protects your eyes and neck. You might also consider wearing something light and airy to keep cool on the day so why not take a look at Maxi Dresses as an option which can be sourced from companies like ax paris.  You will also need plenty of water to make sure you keep hydrated.

Over time, you’ll find your body feels more supple and fitter as you practise techniques and play more.You may want to go even further and join a league to enjoy competitive bowls.