February 23, 2024
Campingaz barbecue

The summer is just hitting us and what that usually brings with it is the ability for us all to start enjoying some sunny weather. Whether that involves hitting the beaches, taking the tops down on our cars, just generally enjoying the outside more, or having a barbecue with friends and family, we can finally start doing it again.

It is the last of those examples that we want to expand on however, as the sunnier weather gives us plenty of opportunities to mix socializing with some good grilled food. To enjoy both, you’re going to need a good quality gas barbeque and luckily for you, we have a few that you should definitely be looking at if you’re in the market for a new one.

Of course, there are many, many more gas-powered barbecues out there right now but having tested a fair few ourselves, these are the five that we would recommend you check out first.

Campingaz Adelaide 4

How about this Campingaz barbecue? Complete with a steel and wood construction, four burners and a cooking space which measures 77 x 46cm, you’re getting yourself a mean yet portable grill that is perfect for all occasions.

Campingaz barbecue

FoxHunter Portable Stainless Steel Gas BBQ

If you wanted to save on the pennies but still enjoy a good quality barbeque, then this model from FoxHunter might be more your style. It comes with strong steel construction, also has 4 burners, and provides ample storage for utensils and other cooking equipment.

Broil Master Gas Grill Burner

If four burners are not enough, you go for six with this offering from Broil Master. That extra weight does hamper its mobility somewhat but not nearly as much as you might think. It can still be wheeled away with ease while you can cook more when and where you choose.

Charles Bentley 7 Burner Gas BBQ

Better yet, why not opt for seven burners? Coming with a steel construction finished with a titanium grey finish, this barbecue looks almost as good as the taste of the food that is cooked on top of it. It is a little heavier than most on this list, however.

Fire Mountain Everest 4 Burner Gas Barbecue

Designed more for mobility rather than cooking prowess, this 4-burner grill from Fire Mountain might better suit your circumstances. Aesthetically it might not look as great as some of the others but it does have excellent build quality throughout.

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The five above represent a good variety in terms of price, number of burners, portability, and cooking space and we would have no problem recommending any of them. If we did have to pick out our favorite, it would have to be the Campingaz Adelaide 4 simply because it comes from a reputable brand and scores well in all of the categories we mentioned above.

That said, you may have your own opinion or a different set of circumstances that requires a particular strength over anything else.