May 28, 2024
come eliminare account facebook

So, you have decided that Facebook has become far too big for its boots, is not providing the entertainment it once did, and is essentially taking up far too much time. You want to use that time more productively and have made the decision to remove Facebook from your life permanently.

You’re not alone, many people are coming to the conclusion that there are so many more important things in life. However, social media and this platform, in particular, can be addictive, so in much the same way as giving up smoking, sometimes the best way to go about it is to just make a clean break.

So how do we go about it? Whether you’re English and want to learn how to delete your Facebook account or indeed Italian and want to come eliminare account facebook, we will talk you through it.

Downloading Your Data

Now, you have probably added quite a lot of content to your Facebook that you don’t want to lose. This could be pictures, videos, and messages that you still want to keep. Before you go about deleting your Facebook account, you really should download everything that you want to keep first.

This is easily done as all you have to do is go to your Facebook settings, click on your Facebook information, and then click the “Download Your Information” button. You can then select the sort of content that you want to download.

Permanently Deleting Your Facebook Account

You have two options when it comes to breaking away from Facebook. You can either deactivate your account as we will explain in the next topic or delete it completely. The latter will mean that your account is gone forever but in our opinion, this is for the best.

Simply navigate to “settings” and “general” and there you will see what you’re looking for. The “Delete my Account” button is right there waiting to be clicked. Now, just remember that there is no going back after this other than creating a new account. So make sure you’re certain you are doing the right thing.

come eliminare account facebookDeactivating Your Facebook Account

If you’re not quite ready to completely eliminare account facebook, you might want to think about deactivating it instead. This will disable it and essentially hide your profile from all other users as if your account really was closed. It is not permanent however and can be reactivated whenever you choose.

If you feel that this might be the best course to take as some kind of test to see if you can live without it, simply follow these instructions. Again, go to settings, click on “general”, then “manage account” and then “deactivate your account”. You will be asked to enter your Facebook password for confirmation and to show that it is you and then it’s done.

Live Facebook Free

While it might seem tough at first not knowing the minute details of your friend’s lives or sharing every moment of yours, after a while, you will learn to love the fact that you are no longer a prisoner to this platform. You will be more productive in your spare time, will not worry about the smallest things, and will simply enjoy life more.