July 24, 2024

Creating your very own staircase from scratch can provide you with an immense sense of satisfaction. Taking in the final product which you worked on from the design stages and seeing it in your home can really make a big difference in your home looks and feels. There’s something so unique and eye catching about an original piece of construction, every visitor will be captivated.

Just building a staircase doesn’t happen. A lot of thought, effort and calculations go in to the process before building evem begins. It’s important to get all the information you need before getting too excited about the aesthetics, so here are some crucial elements which you need to consider in the early stages of designing your own set of stairs.

What are you going to do with the stairs?

Apart from the obvious use of going up and down from different levels, you need to consider what function your staircase will have in your home. Simple elements to consider include whether or not small children will be using the stairs or if you plan on using them a lot throughout the day. Each element can be associated with different staircases in relation to the purpose of the stairs.

If there are small children in your home it may not be the best idea to design a staircase with no handrail and floating steps. Another example being if you are a homeworker and use the stairs several times in a day you will want a staircase which is strong but comfortable.

Just considering what is going on around you will help you to start visualizing the staircase which is right for your home.

Putting together a list of components

A staircase isn’t just a staircase. There are many components which come together to create a unique masterpiece in your home. A staircase is constructed with a selection of risers, treads and winders. All of these concepts merge to create a functional staircase, but in certain designs you may need more, less or even none of the concepts altogether.

Once you have decided on a design for you staircase with the help of Mr Stairs staircase design, and considered your family and other factors in the home, you can start compiling a list of what components are needed to create a safe and fully functional staircase.

Creating a masterpiece

Now you know what kind of staircase you want, the calculations need to be made to work out how big, or small, your staircase is going to be. Making calculations on the number of steps needed, the step riser height and the total stair height are just some measurements needed to create a safer and operable staircase.

Of course the actual design of the staircase also has an influence on the finished product. A staircase can very much be part of the surrounding decor or setting so the end design needs to make the staircase blend in with the interior decor.