November 29, 2023

Reaching beyond the threshold of the existing technologies is a regular practice at Mazda. As an automotive brand that has always led the way ahead for the entire industry, we can see several concepts, technologies and methodologies that are invented by Mazda. The Mazda Motorsports is only one of such examples, that pivots around the usage of Rotary Engine that drags along history behind. We got to know it from a direct and authentic source at the Phoenix Mazda dealership that it was Mazda that took the first initiative to introduce the mass production of rotary engine successfully and taking up sportily, the motorsports challenge.

The Philosophy of “Celebrate Driving”

Mazda is ever dedicated to manufacture cars that will allow the drivers to enjoy the act of driving, full to the brim. Mazda calls it “Celebrate Driving”that motivates the brand to look forward to making things even better. The concept of Celebrate Driving can be best described as the happy moment of the driver who finally could establish a grasp on the steering wheel and make the car move just the way they want.

What it Aims

Though we all know that after you learn driving and have been doing it for some time, the act of driving doesn’t always need a conscious effort. But at the same time, you can’t afford to leave your concentration behind, as your control on  the car needs a proper technique to be followed.

Here is where, Mazda comes in. the brand is known for its constant pursual of establishing a solid  connection between the driver, the car, and the passengers, if any. The brand Mazda focuses on making all the driving mechanisms consolidated to enhance even the casual drivesmaking each of them more enjoyable.

You’ll know that Mazda’s Motorsport technology is doing its work perfectly, when everyone inside the car, especially the driver would crave to  drive even further.

The Necessity

But if you think Mazda Motorsport is a concept merely for pleasure, you’re getting it all wrong. The actual purpose behind framing this concept, was to ensure safety leaving least scope for an accident to take place. Mazda realized the simple fact that at the unfortunate moment of an impending collision, it is the instantaneous reaction from the both the driver and the car that is most wanted to save the lives. The solution that Mazda came up with was the importance of the drivers to experience the assurance of safety through the technical features in the car, that will relieve them from undue panic, and prompt them to take the right driving steps to avoid the entire misfortune.

Only a well-established connection between the car and its driver can make things possible as the car would be acting like the driver’s own body that listens to him at every point.

According to the Mazda Phoenix mechanical team, it is Mazda’s belief in the concept of “Celebrate Driving” that makes them think ahead of other brands and encourage them to come up with such revolutionary ideas as the Mazda Motorsport.