April 20, 2024
Roller shutters London

Roller shutters are useful for all businesses. If you live in London or the surrounding areas you can benefit from one of the best roller shutter providers in the country – Window Maintenance Services (W.M.S) Ltd.

Roller shutters London are large metal doors, or window covers, that provide both security and weather protection. The roller shutters on offer by W.M.S are made from high-quality materials and are fully automated. No matter your need, W.M.S roller shutters and their team of experts can provide you with the solution.

Window Maintenance Services offers a variety of different roller shutter services and have been providing their services since 1996. All of their services are completed using high standards and W.M.S is certified with FENSA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and Contractor Plus.

If you are looking for a new roller shutter, the installation of new equipment is one of the main services on offer by W.M.S. No matter the type of roller shutter you are looking for W.M.S has what you’re looking for. The company specializes not only in the installation but also the manufacturing of new roller shutters. Any custom plans can be drawn up with the assistance of their expert team to ensure that the project is completed exactly as the customer intended. Built-on roller shutters, built-in roller shutters, integrated roller shutters, tilting louvres, and motorized roller shutters are some of the different roller shutter types available at Window Maintenance Services.

Roller shutters London

As well as installations, W.M.S also has a team that specializes in repairs and routine maintenance. Whether you have emergency shutter repairs that need to be completed for security reasons or you have discovered a routine problem that needs repairing – the W.M.S team is always available. New or existing clients can also make use of the W.M.S roller shutter maintenance services. These maintenance services ensure that your roller shutters are always operating at 100% – preventing costly future failures and identifying any existing problems.

When it comes to repairing and maintaining a security feature, like roller shutters, it is important to have the utmost trust in the company you are working with. Window Maintenance Services has all the necessary certifications and also takes pride in the quality of service they provide. Their professional approach for all their services ensures that everything is completed to their stringent standards. All of the work will be done timely and is guaranteed with a promise of satisfaction. If the work that W.M.S delivered is not up to your standards – they will gladly redo it. If you look at their customer testimonials you will see that this is a rare occurrence and most customers are satisfied with their work and customer service.

By giving W.M.S the opportunity they will take on the challenge to complete any roller shutter projects or roller shutter repair London you have available for them. Not only will you be satisfied with the quality of their work, but the pricing is also very competitive and there are no hidden costs.