June 22, 2024
Electric Cars

Electric cars are creating a lot of buzz worldwide. They are being termed as the substitute for fuel-burning vehicles. Several surveys and studies were done in the recent past suggest electric cars are the future of the auto industry. But, before you plan to get an electric car, here, in this post, we shall make you aware of every aspect about an electric car you need to know,

Do you know the history of electric cars back to the 1900s, when are cab countries operative throughout the United States of America and the United Kingdom, those days gasoline-electric vehicles were quite popular.

However, then electric vehicles were not such a big trend, especially a popular choice among the commoners. This is because, there were several shortcomings associated with the electricity run cars, firstly, the speed issues, and technology problem. So, then the electric cars were unable to make their mark in the global auto sector.

How An Electric Vehicle Works?

Just like petrol vehicle is powered by fuel, an electric runs on a rechargeable battery. Most importantly, the electric vehicle does not have a combustion engine. The battery powers the electric motor which the wheels run. So, for the conventional vehicle you have to refuel it, with electric vehicle recharging of the battery needs to be using an EV charging cable type 1.

Where Can You Charge Your Electric Vehicle?Electric Cars

You can easily recharge the battery of your electric car at your home charging point or a public charging area.  This concept is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. The electric cars available in the market have a charging cable that is connected with the mounting wall point for charging the vehicle. Full charging generally takes six to eight hours.

Are Electric Cars Expensive?

If you have constrained budget, then buying an electric car is still an expensive option compared to the conventional fuel-run electric car. The underlying reason electric cars are costly is that is because of lithium batteries.

Largely depending upon the model and features, an electric car can typically cost you between 20,000 to 40,000 Euros, while the premium models can go up to 100,000 Euros. However, global investments have been made by top auto industry giants to cut down on the cost of electric cars, to foster people switching to these eco-friendly vehicles.

Finally, when compared to the cost of fuel consumed by conventional cars to the charging costs of electric vehicles, you will discover that you are going to save money. Through, with an electric car, you have to make an initial investment, the savings are adequate to suggest you are making worth an investment. But, before you buy one, it is advisable to talk to your friend or known, those who drive an electric vehicle for their first-hand experience.