July 12, 2024

For those who still prefer the sedan style rather than the utility vehicles, the 2020 VW Passat can make one of the best choices, that now wears a new attire to refresh the minds of its prospective users. But even with the 2020 redesign, it is clearly visible that Volkswagen didn’t want to shout out loud to seek attention through the Passat series. That being said, we also have to admit, that the effect of the redesign does create a positive impression on the onlookers who are specifically visiting their nearby Volkswagen car dealership to find their best transporting companion.

What is Offered for 2020 Edition?

For the 2020 year edition, Volkswagen has given the Passat a visual makeover, that makes it look smarter than beforewith a fastback-like roofline. Comes along in the package an updated interior, while most of the trim models get a more capable engine to drive with.

Features that Deserve a Highlight

The Passat as an old sedan model from Volkswagen was always known and favored for its quiet demeanor, while its interior cabin never compromised in space. Continuing the family tradition, the 2020 edition of Volkswagen Passat comes with both these virtues but this time it also offersbetter handling and maneuverability derived from the new powertrain consistent of a more powerful engine. If you talk about the technology and infotainment, the 2020 Volkswagen Passat won’t disappoint you, as you get an upgraded infotainment system loaded for the 2020 edition, while the safety front gets wider with the latest collision-avoidance techs.


Powertrain Capability

The 2020 lineup of Passat carries under its hood the familiar 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine known for making 174-horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque after being paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission that shuttles the power usually to the front wheels. This powertrain is used in theLimited version, that lies at the base of the 2020 year lineup of the Volkswagen Passat.

Those who have gathered a test drive experience with the 2020 Volkswagen Passat must be aware of the excellent stability it exhibits on the highways, and sharp handling capabilities when you need to maneuver through tough road conditions. We appreciate the automaker Volkswagen for offering the optional R-Line 19-inch wheels that can replace the standard 17-inch onesfor a yet softer ride.

Luxury Appointments

Inside the 2020 Volkswagen Passat, the dimensions continue to be the same from the last year’s model. While cloth upholstery is made standard, Volkswagen offers synthetic leather as an upgrade as well as real Nappa leather hiding depending upon the trim level you choose.

A nicely laid out cabin is guaranteed in every trim of the 2020 Passat while the trims get loaded-up with their respective feature packages to enhance the level of luxury. The packages include front and rear heated seats, a driver’s seat with power and memory features, fender-branded speakers, keyless ignition, automatic windshield wipers and a large power moonroof. To know the feature packages in detail, you can get in touch with the Bakersfield car dealer online and book a test drive to experience its ride quality.