July 12, 2024

The times have changed if you have Idea and you want to start production. You do not need to wait for months to get your design converted into a real prototype. There are innumerable rapid prototype companies today, which offer rapid prototyping services at a very affordable cost. They use modern technologies CNC Milling, 3D Printing and manufacturing with advanced sheet metal.

Arapid prototype company is a big boon for the medium and small industries. These companies are as keen taking for an order for low volume production as they are for bulk orders from industry giants. They have built their business model in a way that they can cater to the needs of everyone efficiently and profitably.

The disruptive technology of CNC Milling

CNC milling technology has completely changed the way how hardware prototyping companies work. The speed and speed efficiency the technology of CNC milling works, none other technology in the past has been able to do that. The major difference between other fast ways production techniques and CNC milling is that it caters the demand for large orders very efficiently, without any breakdowns. That has proved to a very revolutionary thing the hardware production industry. Now, the new entrepreneurs think differently, they know, what they need to work on is their design.

They need not think much about the production and the hustle of getting a prototype made. Every new rapid prototype company is more than willing to accept orders from the new entrepreneurs. As they understand they might have a small, low volume order now. But they could be the new giant. And there is great competition in the industry of rapid prototype production, which is necessary for the survival of any industry.

3D printing

3D printing is the fastest way of prototype production. You can get your design printed in matter of hours. You can get your physical copes shipped in as less as 48 hour. This is unreal for the people working in the hardware industry for past few decades. This sort of ease in manufacturing was not even imagined.  The technology has great potential, and the every new and old rapid prototype company is very excited about it. Apart from speed, the biggest upside of 3D printing is its ability to adopt designs. It gives you big headroom to invent, to create, to come up with newer and better ideas. There are major layers called SLA and SLS that come into play in the process.

There’s something about the process of 3D printing that gives the designer so much hope, which is the ability to add, enhance materials in the process looking at the result design is producing. It saves a lot mental and financial cost both for the designer and a rapid prototype company which is working on it.The technology allows you to physically touch and test the design in the physical form.



It gives you flexibility to move parts, apply creating colorization and so much which that no technology in the past has been able to achieve even with the slower pace.