April 17, 2024

Those in digital marketing realize after a while how interlinked each different part of the field is. Just like a network of a subway system is meshed and interlinked, digital marketing practises end up affecting each other in significant ways.

Content marketing and AMP seem poles apart, atleast in theory. Content marketing occupies a separate domain, dealing with matters related to content. AMP, on the other hand, is more technical and requires a deeper dive into metrics such as page load time, image optimization, and other website speed factors.

And yet, both content marketing and AMP cross paths. AMP has a major role to play in helping the content marketing plans of digital marketers.

In this article, we will discuss how AMP affects content marketing and can be used as a tool to help digital marketers improve the UX of their website.

Benefits of AMP in Content Marketing

While both may seem a little far apart in principle, AMP can be a great way for a content marketing campaign to drastically improve outcomes.

Some ways AMP helps in content marketing include-

  1. Improve User Experience

            What is the point of content marketing?

The aim of content marketing is to inform and engage readers or viewers about a topic. The process of informing and engaging has to be optimised so as to improve the experience of a visitor coming to a website.

AMP helps improve the experience of an average user by making sure the content loads quickly and makes a user stay on the website, thereby improving the bounce rate.

  1. Improving Page Loading Speed

It’s in the name itself.

Accelerated-Mobile-Pages (AMP) is designed to improve page load time by loading the main content first and not waiting for other dynamic scripts and media to load. This makes sure someone coming to the website to find something is able to access the information instantly.

By using AMP, site runners can decrease page load time and allow visitors to read content quickly rather than waiting for the page to load.

Helping Meet Content Goals

  1. Helping Meet Content Goals

Every type of content is created keeping a goal in mind. Sometimes the goal is lead generation, other times it is making a sale. The point of having content on the webpage is to make sure these goals are met.

The longer a visitor reads the content and takes the points made in it into account, the better chance there is for the visitor to be converted. With AMP, a site owner basically ensures an incoming visitor spends more time reading or viewing content rather than waiting for the page to load.

  1. Getting Ahead of Competition

Believe it or not, not many digital marketers are aware of how potent AMP can really be. This means a large portion of your competitors may not be even using AMP and thus have subpar page-load speeds.

This means there might be a great opportunity for many digital marketers to make use of the benefits of AMP.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers how AMP can help improve content marketing.

About the Author – Vinod Singh is a digital marketing trainer and web security expert. He is well-known for writing guest posts for Eduburg, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.