February 25, 2024
Learn Digital Marketing An Ultimate Guide to Become Digital Marketer

SEO, big data, community management the digital professions have been imposed for several years within our companies to the point of becoming essential for a good number of them today. Digital communication and customer data management are now an integral part of the overall strategy, and require specific skills to be carried out.

A successful digital strategy is first and foremost to acquire the necessary skills

Paradoxically, if business leaders say they are concerned about their digital strategy, many of them are not familiar with and do not know the codes. How then is it possible for them to measure the loyalty benefits offered by direct communication with their customers through social networks? Or again, how can they envisage the risks run by a bad management of the customer database?

Difficult for an SME owner to reflect deeply on the digital issue even when he is busy running his business. A successful digital strategy first involves integrating digital experts within the company, and preferably over the long term.

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In fact, digital workers are often subject to a high turnover, because they are hired as temporary collaborators rather than as employees of the company. Hired to carry out short digital projects, they leave the organization once the objectives have been accomplished, leaving the team to handle the new tools, without prior training. At the slightest problem or the first desire to change its digital strategy, the company is forced to rehire a new digital professional, for lack of the necessary skills among its employees.

Any manager must keep in mind that hiring a digital consultant is never anything other than a borrowing of skills. It is up to him to ask himself the question if it is not rather relevant to have them.

Too often is over shadowed

Placing digital marketing at the center of its preoccupations supposes having in its team an employee with adequate skills, invested in the organization and knowing the objectives of the company in the long term.

Human remains the centerpiece of digital marketing

But how do you explain these failures? We must first demystify digital marketing and admit that the codes that govern it can very quickly escape us, and often for the worse.

First of all, digital marketing has been presented – wrongly – as a miracle solution allowing to reach in the blink of an eye millions of users in order to make them become true followers of its brand, and to anticipate the new market trends by manipulating a massive amount of data, thanks to the ever more breathtaking performance of our means of communication.

But once the idea is received that “everything is decided and done thanks to technology” put aside, we can see that all digital marketing actions carried out by the company result from a very human reflection, and are therefore subject to a risk of error.

The main idea to remember here is that rather than helping to build loyalty and forecast, the Internet has instead made the market more unpredictable and customers more volatile.