April 20, 2024

One of the most popular cars in the world is Volkswagen Golf. Its 2020 version is something everyone is waiting to get their hands on. If you are one of those people then definitely should visit a Volkswagen dealer near Ontario.However, before booking this car, one should first go through the details about what this car is bringing in 2020.

Let’s take a look!

Exterior and design

Designers and engineers have done a remarkable job in making Golf Mark VIII different from its earlier versions. Though the overall proportions is similar and is based on Volkswagen company’s increasingly ubiquitous and highly flexible MQB architecture, this version of Golf can be distinguished from its last generation models.

Its front end particularly looks distinct which comes with slim grille along with prominent lighting which advances this vehicle’s styling evolution. However, it does still maintainits classic demure appearance.


Now you are already aware of the exterior design being evolutionary, the interior also comes with sharp changes from its previous generations. During its early development period, it was decided by designers to equip this car with not one but two TFT screens. Along with it, switches with touch-capacity and sliding controls were also introduced.

Moreover, one cannot find any analog instruments on the gauge cluster. Moreover, they have also removed physical ignition car keys completely as it is operated remotely in this version. Also, its dashboard emphasizes on having horizontal lines along with elevated console in the center. This features a stub of electronic selector for gears if one doesn’t opt for a variant with manual transmission.

This cockpit looks futuristic with ambient lighting and other specification and primarily oozes sophistication. This high tech set will help this Golf model to become a benchmark on its own and give a tough ride to the competitors. More details can be offered by Ontario Volkswagen dealer.

Engine system

This car boosts an inline-four turbocharged 1.5L engine along with automatic dual clutch 7-speed transmission. However, a manual 6-speed is available. For people looking to opt for the hybrid model, they will have to opt for the automatic version. In both types, unnoticeable system for cylinder deactivation is what makes it so great.

This engine will have an output of 148 horsepower with 184 torque pounds feet. This propels this vehicle from 0-60 in a little over 8.0 seconds. It will offer a top speed of over 139 mph. Moreover, the engine is smooth and quite as well as its dual clutch shift happens to be unobtrusive and quick.

This GOLF version moves reasonably quicklybut never feels fast particularly. Another available variant for people looking to seek the thrill of going fast is the four-cylinder 2.0L diesel version. It will provide same horsepower of 148 but offers torque of 266 lb-ft, which helps this car to move with a reassuring growl and authority.

All these makes the 2020 Golf Mark VIII one of the most waited car. It massive technological upgrades along with remarkable performance makes it the best one out in the market.

So, want a test ride?