July 24, 2024

It is not easy to fit a large family in a small car. Hence, people opt for the different spacious family cars that are available in the market. However, there are so many choices available most people get confused when it comes to selecting one. One name which stands apart from the rest is Chevrolet Tahoe. The 2020 version is an ideal family car to purchase from Coeur d’Alene Chevrolet dealer.

Now you might ask why that is and that’s why everything is given below for convincing you why it is referred to as an ideal car.

Spacious interior and more for an ideal ride

Since the first requirement for any vehicle to be a family car is to be spacious enough for people and cargo. Tahoe provides users with a comfortable, spacious and quiet cabin. Moreover, it is equipped with multiple features that make any ride a pleasant experience. Moreover, the inside cabin’s build is more than satisfactory at its price. Surface was covered with soft touching plastics along with large buttons and knobs which makes operating controls quite easy.

  • Comfortable and spacious seats

With leather seats and attractive matching interior offers quite a luxurious feel. Every trim of this car comes with ample space especially the first two rows of passenger seats. The third one has less space than the first two rows but still larger than most other family cars. It can hold up to six people at least.

In addition, the cargo space can rival any of its competitors without any problem. This car offers additional storage space that makes it the ideal vehicle for any family.

  • Infotainment

Now, the infotainment system in this car is loaded with features. It is equipped with touchscreen display, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Wi-Fi. All these make any ride quite enjoyable for all; be it kids, teenagers, or adults.

Since everyone is hooked on their smartphone nowadays, one can simply use one of the 5 USB ports to charge their mobile on the go and never be out of battery ever again. Moreover, if an individual wants, he/she can opt for additional infotainment system where premium Bose speakers, entertainment system for rear seat, additional USB ports, and more can be added.

In addition, there are ample safety features like driver assistance, forward collision warning, rear traffic crossing alert, etc. Know more about it from CDA Chevrolet dealer.

Engine and other aspects

Now that the primary aspect of being an idle family car is explained, have a look at the engine specs that makes it a beast in the road. This car’s standard one is V8 5.3L engine with automatic 6-speed transmissionthat delivers 355 horsepower with seamless shift and substantial push for making it quite quick.

Another variant is the 6.2L V8 automatic 10 speed transmission which produces 420 horsepower. It takes about 5.7 seconds to reach 0-60 which is more than impressive as a family car. It comes in three variants; LS which priced at $46,295, LT costs $54,295 and lastly Premier is priced at $63,995.

All these specs which shows it having a powerful engine as well as ample space for people and cargo along with completely modern safety features like driver assistance, lane departure assistance, etc. makes Tahoe the ideal family car.