April 18, 2024

When we talk about cinema, we always equate it with glam and fame; however, there is still a point to differ. The cinema should always not to be reflected as beyond imagination. Today’s cinema is all about spreading reality amongst the public, a fact that should be faced and not enjoyed, a reality that can make you choose between what is right and what is wrong? So, you are one of those movie freaks who don’t usually miss any realistic movie; you should go for sure watch Telugu movies, and quite frankly, choosing the best one amongst them is almost impossible. However, you can now watch movies here that have turned the Indian cinema upside down with the latest realistic approach; then you have landed on the right page.

After discussing thoroughly with a bunch of experts as well as some time-out writers, it has been quite apparent that even certain Telugu movies are incredible that should never be missed. They are getting more and more popular not only in India but all over the world. While the Telugu cinema industry is also gearing up for their full anticipation, they are all set to present the perfect combination of technology and talent.

As per the Indian cinema statistical analysis and review ratings, the Telugu cinemas have always been ahead of the competition; in all aspects, may it be the performance, cinematography, dance, songs, and most of all, the stories. The core goal of the cinema is to give better movies that are enjoyable and always meaningful. The directors of the Telugu cinema are appreciated for the successful accuracy in identifying the latest cinema trends as well as audience acuity. With the excellent kick start of the year 2020, the latest Telugu sensation has all set to entertain their audience. The fascination of Telugu cinema is not novel; this has been trending from the decades. Still, quite recently, Telugu actors are mesmerizing their audience by redefining an idea of a typical leader, an ideal hero, and a regular lover. And the best part is, now you can stream those all online?

So, we have come up with quite candid reviews of some of the well-appreciated Telugu products; you can check it out here:

Anjali CBI

The story is of a CBI cop Anjali, who accidentally has to solve the case of a serial killer and a sadist Rudra, who has openly challenged Anjali for tracking and arresting him. The movie has changed the persona of an actress from the Indian cinema, representing how a woman can fight with the world for the safety of her family. If you love thrillers, you should just check out this cinema.


An orphan, who also is a postgraduate in criminal psychology; the movie is all about a courageous female, who joins a famous TV channel as a reporter. Her primary responsibility is to unwrap the mystery of serial killings that are happening in the city. The killer is always leaving behind a red rose after killing ladies. The rest of the story is flowing about how Anusuya is dealing with such situations and solve the mystery.


The cinema represents a group of tech-savvy youth who are being cheated by a cybercriminal who also is a prominent shot businessman. To plan their revenge, they don’t foresee that they are being cheated again. The overall movie is excellent.