July 24, 2024

Turks and Caicos have become a popular tourist destination over the recent years. People are attracted to its crystal clear waters, calm weather, long sandy beaches, and natural beauty. While planning for a trip to TCI, most tourists struggle to decide where they want to stay.

These islands have developed into a tourist hub, so there are several resorts and hotels along their coastlines. Tourists can enjoy complete privacy in Turks and Caicos villas or get a full luxury hotel experience at 5-Star rated establishments. Here’s a look at some popular accommodation spots:

1. Grace Bay 

Grace Bay is located in Providenciales and is one of the two biggest tourist hubs on TCI. It is surprisingly clean, despite being a tourist hub. There are a few luxury hotels, villas, and affordable accommodations scattered around in a primarily residential locality, which makes Grace Bay very appealing to most visitors.

Visitors can relax at pristine beaches, soak in the sedate atmosphere, or enjoy strolls. Grace Bay is ideal for lazy travelers, beach bums, families, and romantic couples. You can visit Grace Bay Beach, Long Bay Beach, Princess Alexandra National Park, and The Bight Park.

2. The Bight Settlement 

The Bight Settlement is another tourist hotspot, but it isn’t crowded. There are a few luxury resorts and Turks and Caicos villas scattered about, but this is also a residential community. As a visitor, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, great cafes, delicious local food, and so much more.

If you happen to be there on a Thursday, don’t forget to visit The Bight Park. Residents and tourists alike flock to this park to enjoy great music along with local food. The Settlement is very close to Providenciales International Airport, which makes it an ideal choice for people on a short, weekend trip. It takes around 8 to 10 minutes by car to reach the airport. Places to visit include, Bight Settlement Beach, Turtle Cove, Bight Park, Cheshire Hall, Smith’s Reef, and so much more.

3. Cockburn Town 

Cockburn Town is the capital of TCI and is located on Grand Turk Island. No one would guess that this sleepy, idyllic little place is a nation’s capital. The town has an old-school vibe with its colonial architecture, charming houses, and narrow streets. Tourists flock to this town to soak up its history and to experiment with various water sports. There are several dive shops, snorkeling establishments, kite surfing classes, etc., scattered along the coastline.

Cockburn Town also offers excellent local and international food. Tourists are spoilt for choice because there are many cafés, bistros, fine dining establishments, casual restaurants, etc., here.

You should visit Turks and Caicos National Museum, Governor’s Beach, Her Majesty’s Prison Museum, Pillory Beach, Historic Lighthouse, Humpback Dive Shack, Mega One Triton Shipwreck, and Crofton Coverley House.

4. Salt Cay 

If you’re looking for a unique and isolated experience, Salt Cay is a great option. Unlike Grace Bay, Bight Settlement, and Cockburn Town, Salt Cay doesn’t have any big-name resorts or hotels. The island has charming Turks and Caicos villas, private homes, cottages, and other such establishments. Salt Cay offers an entirely different experience because this island is very small. People drive around in golf carts inside of cars. There are no taxis, but you can hire bicycles to visit different attractions.

Don’t let the lack of amenities hold you back. Salt Cay offers beautiful colonial architecture, pristine beaches, exceptional scuba diving opportunities, and humpback whale watching. No one gets bored here, especially during a short stay.

All of these places are worthwhile options if you’re looking for accommodation. If you’re still unable to decide, contact an establishment like White Villas for advice. They’ll arrange everything from accommodations to transport.