June 22, 2024

If you have excessively large breasts that are continually causing back pain, neck pain, or other symptoms, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery as a solution. Most women that get breast reduction are quite satisfied with the results.

Since it’s a major surgery, you must be aware of the benefits, the potential complications, and risks and what’s involved in your recovery.

Here we take a look at the why and how of breast reduction surgery:

The Breast Reduction Surgery Consultation

Before the surgery, you will need to have a consultation with your surgeon. During the consultation, they will have a detailed discussion about your medical history. They will ask whether you have ever had any lump removed from your breast or whether you suffer from any medical conditions that could impact your breasts. The surgeon will also ask in detail about the medical history of your family.

Be open with your surgeon about medical history and provide all details. Tell them why you’re considering breast reduction. Be ready to discuss emotional issues that you have been dealing with regarding your breasts, the physical conditions you’ve had, and how your breasts physically feel to you.

The surgeon will measure your breasts and might take some photos of them too. They will talk with you about the amount of breast tissue that would need to be removed so you can achieve your goal. They will provide information regarding how you would have to prepare for the surgery and plan for your recovery. You might also have to get a breast exam and a mammogram before your surgery.

Some Other Details

During the consultation, the surgeon will ask about your habits- whether you regularly take any medications and if you smoke. You might be required to quit smoking for a specific timeframe before and post the surgery to ensure proper healing. The doctor may also ask you to stop taking particular medications such as Aleve, Motrin, or any other anti-inflammatory drugs. They will give you complete details about what you are required to do.

How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Done?

Every person that is considering breast reduction surgery will have a unique situation.

Depending on your situation, the surgery can also be done in any good outpatient facility, or the surgeon may tell you that you’d have to stay a night in a hospital. You would be administered general anesthesia in either case.

Breast reduction surgery takes between two and five hours or longer. The surgeon will make a precise cut around your nipple which ill then move downward on the breast like Keyhole shape.

They will remove the extra tissue, skin, fat, as well as tissue from your breasts and will then reposition your nipple. Your surgeon might also use some drainage tubes after which they will stitch up the breasts and carefully wrap them up a special gauze. You might have to wear a specialized surgical bra for some time after the procedure.

Recovering From Breast Reduction Surgery

You’d need to take a minimum of one week off from your work or college for the breast reduction surgery. Sometimes, people need two weeks, but there is no set rule. The surgeon will instruct you about when you would need follow-up appointments for removal of the stitches and the bandages.

While you recover, you would be required to stop all physical activity for a minimum of one month post the surgery. You will feel some pain in the breast and tired too, and this is quite normal. Your surgeon will give you a oral painkillers, and that will help to ease you through those first few days post the surgery, and you’d have to avoid heavy lifting. Make sure you discuss all your concerns with your doctor.