June 25, 2024
Kitchen Renovation

Selling a house comes with a set of challenges and can be stressful in the over saturated market of real estate. Having an agent is advantageous, but you also have to put in efforts to ensure you get the real value for your home. Here are tips that will make your home stand out from the competitive market and sell at the highest buck.

Find the best realtor:

Realtors have more experience in selling and buying of home property and hiring the best will come in handy to get you a quick sale. He/she will use marketing strategies that you wouldn’t have access to in marketing your property.

Moreover, the best realtors have connections and will come up with prospective buyers in a short time by connecting to other realtors.

Repair everything:

When potential home buyers come to see the home, they inspect everything from the kitchen to bathrooms, sinks, attic, basement, wardrobes, cabinets etc. While fixing everything before listing your property in the market could be a daunting task, it is the best way to ensure your property is suitable for sale.

Ensure your repair everything from broken gutters, cracked windows, running toilets, rotting wood on the exterior, peeling paint etc. Such breakages are discover able during a home inspection and will be a great turn off to potential buyers.

Kitchen Renovation

Consider doing a renovation:

In addition to repairs, do some renovations where need be. It can be kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling, basement renovation and any other room that needs more than just a simple repair. While such renovations can be costly, you will be able to leverage it through the sale. A potential client will quickly recognize the home’s perfect condition; hence the sale will be more successful.

Be upfront about the shortcomings of your property:

Unless your property is in perfect condition, being genuine about the shortcomings of your home will help you earn trust with clients and avoid wastage of time. That way, you will only attract clients who are genuinely interested in the property as it is.

If you are not genuine, you will attract a lot of clients who will come and disappear because they have realized that the home doesn’t meet the description. You listing should have an honest portrayal of the house to avoid wasting time.

Market on social media:

Take high-quality pictures of the property and market to the online community. While having a realtor is a good thing, you also need to combine your efforts to attract potential clients.

Investing in a good photographer to do the shots for you is a smart move. Post the photos on different pages and wait. You never know who is waiting for such a property with open hands. Besides, by doing that, you also attract the real estate agents who might know a potential client for the house.

Do proper pricing of your home:

While you look forward to getting the highest dollar in the property market, do not overprice your property. Most home buyers deal with agents who are knowledgeable of reasonable prices of homes depending on their experience.

Tag your house at a reasonable price, and you will see it attract more clients than you expected.


Everyone wants to make a quick sale in the market. You can ensure you stay at the top of the list by renovating, getting the best realtor, marketing and tagging your house at a reasonable price.