February 24, 2024

Before proceeding with the topic, here is a quick reminder about stretch marks-they are not harmful for our health. They are mere lines appearingon our skin as it stretches or shrinks quickly.

Stretch marks generally occur due to an unexpected growth in our body of whose common causes can be pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss, spurts that happen in puberty, etc. In many cases, they fade away with time; however, different treatments can make them less visible.

Here are some stretch mark removal London options which have proven successful in reducing them efficiently.

Medicinal ointments

Creams or gels cannot work for everyone all the time. Nevertheless, following some tips such as using the product in the initial appearance of marks, massaging it thoroughly on the area, etc. can work positively.

However, consulting a doctor before the use of these ointments is strictly advised. In absence of which, one could also expect harmful skin issues.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling removes the upper layer of the concerned skin area and penetrates the skin layer called dermis. This effective method helps your skin to become brighter and smoother.

Selecting this treatment can work real wonders. Just, make sure to give a big yes for this treatment through the prescription of a dermatologist.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy has largely displayed signs of improvement in the appearance of stretch marks.

In this treatment, a concentrated beam of light such as a pulsed dye laser is made to fall on the scarring area of the skin. Stretch mark removal London process repairs the skin and makes it smooth. However, this effective therapy gives much better outcomes on newly grown scars.

Home remedies

Using home products like almond oil, olive oil, cocoa butter etc. can yield good results with minimal side effects. Moreover, lotions or creams that contain these products as ingredients can also be taken into consideration.

Platelet-rich plasma with ultrasound

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP involves targeted injection therapy to cure stretch marks. It uses platelet-rich plasma from one’s own body for the treatment. Many studies have confirmed its credibility with pure satisfaction of nearly 70 %.

Other options like your everyday routine involving staying hydrated and using moisturisers to respond to the sudden growth should not be overlooked. Following a balanced diet could be helpful too as it provides the skin with key nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

One should also consult an expert Dermatologist to explore other possible options to get rid of the stretch marks.