February 25, 2024

A cup of coffee acts as a great influencer to the customers for your café. Shaping a brand image may take years but developing clients can still be manageable with serving the right quality coffee and for that performing proper research for its choice.

Below, we have piled up an interesting set of tips you can consider while selecting the right coffee for your café accordingly!

Finding the right coffee wholesalers

Until you find the trusted coffee wholesalers UK, you may continue to experience issues in finding the exact quality and getting the expected feedback from your customers. Also remember, good quality comes with the right price. While deciding on the right roaster, make sure to ask him about if you can expect consistently high quality in roasts and if they mention the exact date of roasting on the labels. Good coffee should be roasted fresh. The date until the intensity of its taste remains intact ideally lies about three weeks from the date of roasting.

Also, do not go by the labels that suggest 100 percent pure for that may just be another loophole.

Preparing the accurate blend for a cup of the perfect espresso

You should understand the extensive role that roasting plays in deciding the flavours of coffee beans. For instance, light roasting of beans enables their strong flavours and caffeine to stay intact and vice versa. While preparing the right blend for your espresso, make sure to do the true practice which comes with exact measuring.

Deciding from the different variety of whole bulk beans

The two main species preferred are Arabica and Robust. While the former one is considered high grade with smooth and a tint of acidic taste the latter is somewhat strong & bitter. The major taste distinction lies in your coffee’ origin. The kind of sunlight, soil, latitudes, rainfall and more factors determine your coffee’ aroma and taste.  The most favourable options which are also the likely choices of customers, as well as cafes, include Decaf, Drip Blend, French Roast, Espresso Blend, and coffee from specific origins like Costa Rican, Sumatran, Colombian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Guatemalan etc.

Doing the taste tests

The right taste of your perfect coffee will come on the right preparation. The right blend preparation will come up depending upon how many times it has been tasted! Try 5 flavours at a time and keep noting down feedbacks about improvement, pros & cons. Alternatively, you can call your friends or coffee experts to help you out with the original taste tests.

Take time in searching for the good coffee and right roaster and asking him/her all the questions required before starting to serve them to your customers. Remember the time invested in maintaining the right relation and developing the authentic quality is what builds more customers.