April 17, 2024

Being a Nissan car owner begets you many benefits. One of those benefits is being rest assured about its maintenance and repair work, whenever your car needs it. Even though every Nissan car, is made to last a lifetime with highly durable materials used in each and every parts of it, the car as a mechanism will ask for a minimum level of maintenance, just to breathe fresh and run in its usual pace.

So, if it is time to give your Nissan car a fresh lease of maintenance and servicing, take it to any Nissan authorized repair shop, like the Nissan service center in San Luis Obispo where you won’t have to take any hazard or headache to get your car serviced or repaired. If you wonder why, then here are the answers.

Pickup Service

If you are not able to drive your car to the service center for a maintenance or repair job, simply make a call to your Nissan service center and fix up a pickup schedule from your preferred location, be it your home, office, or even from the middle of the road. The Nissan staff will come without making you wait for long and pickup your car, reaching it to the service center. They are also agreeable with delivering it back to your place, but they strongly recommend you to test it once after the repair work is done only to ensure, that you are completely satisfied with their treatment.

Roadside Assistance

The other benefit you get for owning a Nissan car is the subscription option to get a roadside assistance whenever and wherever you need it. This is a responsible gesture from the automaker who enable its dealerships to stay with you in the hard times, when you are stuck at the middle of the road, for any reason. It could be a serious accident or a simple discomfort like a flat tire that isn’t allowing you to move your car from the middle of the road and you ae all stuck up with high speed traffic passing you by.

Assurance and Reliability

Nissan will return you back the honor and assurance of reliability once you trust it for repairing and maintaining your car. In every Nissan service center you get mechanics who are only approved and trained by Nissan. When it comes to replacing the damaged parts, it will only be either OEM parts  or factory approved ones that will run as long as the original parts were meant to last.

Maintenance Reminder

When you subscribe to Nissan auto servicing, they will in return help you out in every possible way. The most common issue observed among car owners is skipping maintenance schedule, just because they missed it out. But Nissan will not let this happen, since they have the reminder system, wherein they will remind you of the upcoming maintenance schedule so that you don’t miss out a single maintenance session.

Discount Schemes

At the SLO Nissan service center, we were told, that to make its customers feel honored and valued, Nissan keeps offering several discount schemes, so that maintaining your Nissan car goes easy on your pocket.