June 22, 2024
Track your timing with the help of wireless timing system

Wylas timing is a wireless software system and it helps to co-ordinates the recording, collection, and display of timing data for sporting and swimming events. Wylas Timing combines with your event management software reducing transcription errors. Wylas Timing’s most advanced software gives you high-end touchpad integration, arrange timers to automatically start again for many lap results and allowing users to initiate a quiet period.

The system gives timing and performance for the one price with a precision margin that is normally less than 3 milliseconds. It reduces transcription failures and enhances the efficiency of all events. By using safe off-the-shelf parts, regional sports clubs can now permanently afford to have a high-quality timing system at a reasonable rate.

The quiet phase helps users to start a new event over the top of swimmers from the earlier race while touchpads are effective and clock synchronization has been changed, increasing accuracy and eliminating the amount of system traffic in the wireless timing system.

The latest upgrades enable swimming clubs to enter an affordable high-end wireless timing method, while users with the fundamental system now have the capability for touchpad combination in the future.

Why choose Wylas timing for your sports?

Wylas Timing

Wylas timing has the first-mover benefit with a wireless timing system that combines video displays and management systems. They are the first in the business with a timing system that is economical enough and 40% of clubs that have never been ready to afford one now can. They have a notably easy to utilize the product, something that can be followed by someone who is not profoundly computer literate in less than 5 minutes.

They offer their customers an automatic timing system that simply works, out of the box. It contains a timing pack comprising commercial off the shelf (COTS) tools necessary to help the system, a few flexible custom device and exclusive software that carries the timing functionality. They charge an upfront payment for the hardware and permit the software over a shifting period that clubs can decide based on their requirements/season.

Wylas timing’s competitors utilize proprietary tools, which makes them costly and slow to bring a new skill to market. Just two competitors have a wireless system.

Wylas Timing is typically less than the cost of its nearest competitor and gives better functionality. It skips over an hour of club events and displays times immediately at the end of each match.

They have intentionally kept the price low so that as many centers as possible can profit, providing as many children as possible with an opportunity to encourage and like the sport. The costs for the timing pack and permits are based upon their experiences running centers and knowing the importance of Wylas Timing to club investments.