April 20, 2024

Each day, more than 30 million people use YouTube for streaming videos, podcasts, and music. The number has increased even further due to the coronavirus pandemic related lockdowns. And so has the number of people who convert YouTube to mp3.

The platform is free and easy to use. Thus, it has managed to create an audience base that is larger than Spotify, Netflix, and Apple Podcasts. YouTube earns revenue from advertisements and by selling subscriptions to premium content.

Hub for podcasts

These days, the video-sharing site has unknowingly managed to attract podcasters. Generally, people interested in watching videos do not show a keen interest in accessing podcast directories or apps. However, they do show interest in listening to interesting conversations, commentary, and so on. Thus, podcasters witnessed a tremendous response and increased subscribers when they started uploading clips out of their podcasts on the video-sharing site. Creators just tweaked the content and added a video with a little graphics to meet YouTube’s requirements. Today, Google’s video-sharing site has turned into the most popular platform for podcasts. Releasing podcasts on YouTube offers several benefits; here’s a quick look at some of them.

Helps in reaching a different set of audiences altogether

There’s a considerable difference between audiences attracted by podcast directories and YouTube. Their media preferences are different. In fact, the video-sharing platform’s audience base never visits podcast directories. No directory can provide YouTube like audiences base with potential listeners for podcasters. It offers an ultimate platform for podcasters to grow and make revenue.

Direct interaction with the audience

Listeners rarely leave comments on podcast platforms, but that’s not the case with YouTube. Regular listeners can quickly leave comments and review in the comments section. These comments offer real-time feedback for the podcast. It makes engaging with the audiences easy. It is the best way to create new relationships and build a rapport. Podcasters can also consider planning content as per the feedback and topics as well as guests recommended by audiences.

Better search engine rankings

Making the podcast more discoverable is easy on Google’s platform. Adding appropriate descriptions, titles, and tags to clips can help in getting better search engine rankings. It makes the content more discoverable. Besides, as pointed out by experts, YouTube itself is a great search tool used by millions. Plus, YouTube channels can provide valid data points concerning the audience, including their age, location, and sex.

Listeners can download podcasts in MP3 format

There are websites that allow users to convert YouTube to mp3 and listen to the same on their mobile devices. Audiences can download the podcast on their PC or smartphone and play the same while on the go. So, why stream when you can download and listen?