June 22, 2024

Creating custom Bobbleheads in the likeness of oneself or anyone else is a fairly easy operation. If you obey the measures below, not only would you be pleased with the final product, you’ll still have awesome looking custom bobblehead!

What all you need to do to create bobblehead?

Next, as this is the most critical item, compile as many images of yourself as you can. The sculptors can produce a more realistic image of the topic if they have several images to take. The safest pictures to use are those of different head profiles. Know, the element that can render the custom Bobbleheads the same is the actual head carving. Most body sculptures with custom Bobbleheads are common (suit, dress, etc), so this should be the least of the worries at the start of the project. Making sure the head appears perfect, and the rest of it will fall into line. If you want to be as precise as possible, give as many images of your head as you can. This will make sure your custom Bobbleheads look fantastic!

Second, on the entire design, be as precise as possible. This requires the same option of shades, accessories (watch, cap, bag, etc the form of the base (round or square), and any text you choose on the base. All these objects will conveniently be mounted on your sculpture if they are expressed at the beginning of the process. Accessories enable your custom Bobbleheads to be more distinctive and may help make it stand out! Visualize every item of your mind from the top of your head to your shoes. Don’t leave anything out of here! You’re confined to the imagination!

Third, make sure that your favorite manufacturer uses colors that are clear of lead and cadmium on custom Bobbleheads. Over the past year, we have all learned that there have been a variety of cases where items manufactured in China have been coated with lead and cadmium-based paints. These chemicals are dangerous to your health and can never be included with any painted product. A decent supplier would still have evidence of the paints they use! Whether you are looking to sell these for shipment or to market them for resale, you would be happy to have asked for these details beforehand. The last thing you do is bring custom Bobbleheads on the market to get customers sick. You’re supposed to open up for a lawsuit.

Finally, make sure that the custom bobbleheads appear just the way you want them to be until they go to the painting stage. You’ll be shocked how many people try to make adjustments after the painting process begins. It is not difficult to make improvements, although an extra set-up fee would be paid if the project needs to start over.