February 29, 2024
Trends for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are not only for storage, but they are alsoa particularly important element in the kitchen. Even while remodelling the kitchens, cabinetry becomes an important aspect. Although, the cabinet designs have not undergone tremendous change in the last few years, there are a few evolutions that have happened. Today, the focus is on a streamlined look that is simple and based on minimalism. Some homeowners are also opting for more wild and bold options, depending on their preferences. Both the styles have their own fans and are getting fair share of love from them. Simple cabinetry continues to gain popularity, but some homeowners are also going for a unique and customized style.

Hottest trends in kitchen cabinetries:

  1. Open shelving:Open kitchen shelves are trending more than closed kitchen cabinets nowadays. Those who have classy dinnerware and want to have it kept outside on display, they prefer open shelving. Open shelves also introduce a light and airy feel and creates an illusion of having more space. It also adds to your efficiency, because you do not have to open and close the cabinet each time you want to fetch something. While placing items on open shelves, create a harmonious look that does not look like clutter.
  2. Custom Colours:If you want a kitchen space that has a unique character and makes a bold statement, colour is the simplest way. Nowadays, you will find limitless array of colours for kitchen cabinets. Homeowners choose custom colours that go well with the overall theme of the kitchen. Some of the current favourites are neutral colours like yellow, soft greens and grey. Even the dark colour pallet has its fan following as colours like navy blue, emerald green and black add the high-end finish that many homeowners desire.
  3. Revamp for gadgets: In today’s age we are inseparable from gadgets and technology. Technology has also found its way into our kitchen and we often use our tablets or smartphones in the kitchen. So, it is now imperative to equip your kitchen cabinets with charging stations. If you use your gadget to follow recipes while cooking, then a device holder or docking station will be handy. If you want to take it to the next level, you can install wireless devices like music speakers or televisions into the kitchen cabinetry itself.
  4. Lighting under the cabinetry: LED lighting has become a preferred choice of homeowners. It has a variety of colours and the bulbs last long. When these are added under the kitchen cabinetry, they add light to the working area and enhance the overall ambience.
  5. Integration of appliances: Integrated appliances seamlessly disappear and gel into the surrounding cabinetry. The appliances like refrigerator and dishwasher are fitted with custom panels which conceal their original appearance. This kind of an integration gives overall cohesion to the space and elevates the grandeur and aesthetics of the kitchen.
  6. Furniture flair: The kitchen cabinets should never look boring and to keep them interesting you can add furniture style details. If you have a tall pantry cabinet you can convert it into a hutch cabinet by upgrading it with new wall cabinet doors, lighting, and a countertop.

The minimalism wave:

The modernization and minimalism wave has hit kitchen cabinets too and thus adoption of clean aesthetics is an obvious impact. Modern cabinets do not have the ornate design which was common in the traditional cabinets. Modern cabinets usually feature recessed panel door, smooth edge profiles and simple clean lines. Even the handles have a low-profile style. Sleek handles made of nickel are replacing the traditional round knobs. This type of cabinetry with clean and simple aesthetics works very well with all modern kitchens. As the experts suggest, this trend of sleek and minimalistic kitchen cabinetry is here to stay.