June 16, 2024

There are many countries in the world. In total, there are around 200 officially recognized countries in the world. Each one of those has its pros and cons, but some countries are quite different from the other. These countries are often seen very differently in the world. One of those countries is Pakistan. Situated in Asia’s continent, neighboring India, Afghanistan, and Iran, it is one of the world’s fastest developing countries. But Pakistan has seen its ups and downs. Right after independence, Pakistan’s country oversaw several military coups and saw various dictatorships ruling the country. The presence of the Pakistan army is big there. The legislative took almost every decision to have some level of influence from the army, and even now the government formed there have many people from the army in it.

Bashir and his contribution to education and other departments

Pakistan indeed has some big and influential families running it and deciding its future. While many of them decide for their own needs and desires, some families only look out for their country and do many philanthropic works. One of the major families in Pakistan that do this is the Dawood family. Dawood’s family was started by the big industrialist Ahmed Dawood who migrated with all of his business from Gujarat India to Pakistan after India and Pakistan’s partition. He became one of the biggest influential people in Pakistan after the partition, and after that, his name only rose. After his death, his family legacy was continued by none other than Bashir Dawood.

Bashir was one of the few people in Pakistan that cared for its fragile education and health sector. Due to the immense power that the Dawood family had, he built one of the major educational faculty in the country. Bashir believed that the country’s fate lies at the hand of the country’s youth, and because of his futuristic thought, he helped build the education infrastructure of Pakistan. He helped to open the SDSB. It was the first school in LUMS, one of the leading management institutes in Pakistan.

Other achievements:

Because of his notable achievements in education, his works were recognized by many institutes all around the world. Universities such as western Antonia and Havard sent their help to bashir dawood in improving the education infrastructure in Pakistan.


Bashir Dawood is really a gem to Pakistan society, and he is one of the few people who think for their country’s needs more than their own.