April 20, 2024

In many countries the term “street art” is frowned upon, because its authors are often described as young people with no education or future. But street art Amsterdam is something completely different. This beautiful city has a lot to teach us about how we appreciate art. We tend to think that art can only be found in museums like the Moco Museum, but this city is able to show us that this is not always true. Art has many ways of expressing itself. One of these forms, although it may not seem like it, is street art. Let’s talk a little about the best way to enjoy this type of art on your next visit to Amsterdam. Get comfortable and prepare to open your mind to new approaches.

Leave prejudices behind

Art, like everything else in life, is a creative manifestation born from a person. There are many ways to make art and all are valid. We must understand that art serves as a tool of expression that goes beyond words. Well, for some reason they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. There are many artists willing to share their talents with the world. Unfortunately, not all of them get to exhibit their works in renowned museums or art galleries. This is where street art serves as a means of expression for all those who have no other canvas than a wall. It is not an act of vandalism as some people tend to think. Street art can become a creative way to give life and color to every corner of a city. Amsterdam is the proof that it is possible.

Art as a tool for social improvement

When street art is done in an organized way, i.e. authorized spaces are created for use by artists, the whole society benefits. On the one hand we can remodel the facade of old buildings through bright colors. Colors have a positive effect on people. A society made up of happy and motivated people becomes a productive society. On the other hand, the artist who creates his work in an urban environment feels that he can transmit to the world what he feels. This creates a sense of belonging that prevents these artists from falling into mischief. Art can be used as a tool to promote well-being in our society. Next time you visit Amsterdam, imagine what your city would look like if it followed the same example as this wonderful city.