May 30, 2024

You have finally decided to transform your home. Everyone in your alley has been renovating their houses, so you think it’s time for you too. Whether you’re hiring an exterior painting contractor or renovating your kitchen and bathroom, there are a few rules to remember before starting work on your home.

Ask your contractor for a quote on company letterhead 

This is to indicate any work that needs to be done. The letterhead should include the company name and business address. Using letterhead shows that you are working with a professional contractor for an existing company.

One way to identify an unscrupulous contractor is that they will not be listed as a business in your local telephone directory. Ask them for a suitable business card.

Get written warranties from your contractor 

Don’t trust a contractor who offers you incredibly long warranties like “more than five years.” Get a written guarantee.

The warranty must clearly state the items covered by the warranty, the party that will be responsible for the warranty, and what will be done outside of the warranty. Sometimes the contractor may say that the system comes with a lifetime warranty. It may mean that in case of manufacturing defects, the manufacturer will take care of them.

The labor warranty guarantees that in case of defects in the work, your contractor will take care of them at no cost. The warranty must be at least one year from the end date.

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Request insurance confirmation 

Make sure your contractor has general liability and workers’ compensation insurance; otherwise, in case of accidents on your property, you will be responsible.

Check to see if your contractor is listed by the Better Business Bureau

After choosing a contractor, you can call the Better Business Bureau. If a contractor is registered, the Better Business Bureau will increase their credit scores and complaint history for the past three years. You should also call the home improvement contractor licensing agency in your area to see if your contractor has a valid license.

Do not agree with what the contractor says, check it 

If you are approached by a contractor who claims to have worked for your neighbors or acquaintances, the Better Business Bureau recommends that you ask them for recommendations and contact numbers for their last three clients who have had the same job as you.

HDB registered renovation contractor with workers must also be registered with the workers’ compensation system. Avoid hiring companies with workers who are not registered with Workers’ Compensation or who do not have insurance. You may be liable for accidents and injuries suffered by contractors and workers that occur on your property.